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During my 6 years at Stanford University, I have been a teaching assistant for the following 4 courses:

CEE 122/222: AEC Global Teamwork

Winter-Spring 2015, Winter-Spring 2016, Winter-Spring 2017, Winter-Spring 2018, Winter-Spring 2019

Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) students engage in a cross disciplinary, collaborative, geographically distributed, and multicultural project-based teamwork, exercising their domain knowledge and information technologies in a multidisciplinary context focusing on the design and construction, including: concept development phase of a comprehensive building project, project development and documentation; detailing, 3D and 4D modeling, simulation, sustainable concepts, cost benefit analysis, and life-cycle cost analysis.

CEE 176G/276G: Sustainability Design Thinking

Summer 2019

Application design thinking to make sustainability compelling, impactful and realizable. Analysis of contextual, functional and human-centered design thinking techniques to promote sustainable design of products and environments by holistically considering space, form, environment, energy, economics, and health. Includes Studio project work in prototyping, modeling, testing, and realizing sustainable design ideas.

CEE 226E: Advanced Topics in Energy-Efficient Building Design

Spring 2019

This class explores innovative methods for designing, developing, and financing high-performance, low-energy buildings. Students learn best practices to reduce building energy use and integrate solar PV generation in pursuit of commercial Net-Zero Energy buildings. Lectures include presentations and panels featuring leading practitioners and researchers in the field. All students participate in a group-based, term project focused on the design and development of a Net-Zero Energy building.

CEE 107s/207s: Energy Resources

Summer 2014

Fundamentals of depletable and renewable energy resources, including significance and potential, conversion processes and technologies, drivers and barriers, policy and regulation, and social, economic, and environmental impacts.


'Flavia was not only incredibly supportive but also very inspirational to our project. Her research on space and people health not only helped us with proceeding with our AEC project but also opened new paths to explore for further design process. With her warm heart and open mind she makes it very easy to ask for help as well as encourages ideas with giving directions to seek for the answer.'

- Alicja Socko,

AEC Global Teamwork 2018

'Flavia is one of the most supportive persons I have ever met. I have learned a lot from her during my work at Stanford. She truly motivated me into achieving my best and influenced many other students in my group.'

- Fathi Ghalayini,

AEC Global Teamwork 2017

'Her knowledge of the material and how it applies outside of the classroom is only one of many examples highlighting her dedication to providing meaningful and lasting impacts on students. No matter the day, the format, or the subject matter, Flavia was always there to help and support students. As a result of our interactions throughout the term, I effectively improved my ability to reflect on previous experiences and extract commonalities that would allow me to apply disruptive ideas to common industry practices'.

- Adam Mastalir,

AEC Global Teamwork 2018

Anonymous Student Feedback

CEE 226E: Advanced Topics in Energy-Efficient Building Design

'Flavia did a great job answering questions concisely, while challenging students to come up with our own solutions.'

'She's very encouraging and positive. You always have an ally in her.'

'Active support and written feedback on assignments.'

'Incredibly deep source of knowledge! So well-versed in building energy tech and analysis.'

CEE 122/222: AEC Global Teamwork

'She's very passionate about this class, which I love and it certainly comes across in her teaching! And she knows what she's talking about, never afraid to say she doesn't know or ask the professor.'

'Flavia is always well prepared and has a strong understanding of the concepts she is teaching. It is always a pleasure to listen to her sections given the passion for the subject she is teaching.'

'I think Flavia is one of the most sharp-minded people I have met. Do not be deceived by her cool and sweet attitude, she knows what she is talking about!'

'Flavia is very good at entertaining a conversation. Pushing thinking further and explore innovative solutions for the problems teams are tackling.'

'Really fast response time, and always positive attitude when you need help.'

'Every question that I have ever asked Flavia has been resolved. If not by Flavia, then she directed me to the source.'

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