Assistant Professor
Political Economy

Stanford Graduate School of Business


Measuring Investigative Journalism in Local Newspapers

Forthcoming, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Joint with Eray Turkel, Rhett Owen, Anish Saha, and Shosh Vasserman.

Paper Appendix Dataset

How Campaign Ads Stimulate Political Interest

Forthcoming, Review of Economics and Statistics.

Joint with Nathan Canen.

PaperReplication Files

Media Influence on Vote Choices: Unemployment News and Incumbents' Electoral Prospects

American Journal of Political Science (2021) 65(2):278--293.

Joint with Marcel Garz.

Related interview at Not Another Politics Podcast.


Does Residential Sorting Explain Geographic Polarization?

Political Science Research and Methods. (2020) 8(2):215--231.

Joint with Steven Webster.

Related op-ed in The Atlantic.

Media coverage in The New York Times.


Local News and National Politics

American Political Science Review (2019) 113(2): 372--384.

Joint with Josh McCrain.

Related blog posts in the LSE USAPP Blog and the Monkey Cage.

Media coverage in Nature Human Behavior, Motherboard, The Weeds, Vox, Salon, New York Magazine, and the The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


Agency Problems in Political Campaigns: Media Buying and Consulting

American Political Science Review. (2018) 112(2):231--248.

Joint with Zac Peskowitz.


Dividing the Dollar with Formulas

Journal of Politics (2018) 80(2):479--493.


Bias in Cable News: Persuasion and Polarization

American Economic Review (2017) 107(9):2565--2599.

Joint with Ali Yurukoglu.

Media coverage in Vox, The Washington Post, Wonkblog, Bloomberg View, and Mother Jones.

PaperReplication Files

Dynamic Policymaking with Decay

American Journal of Political Science (2017) 61(1):50--67.

Joint with Steve Callander.


Parties and Electoral Performance in the Market for Political Consultants

Legislative Studies Quarterly (2015) 40(3):441-470.

Joint with Zac Peskowitz.

Media coverage in The New York Times' blog The Upshot and NPR's Marketplace.