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taoABJointRevolute Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 taoABJointRevolute (taoJointType axis, taoDJoint *joint)
 taoABJointRevolute (const deVector3 &axis, taoDJoint *joint)
virtual void update_localX (const deTransform &home, const deFrame &localFrame)
virtual void plusEq_SdQ (deVector6 &V)
virtual void plusEq_V_X_SdQ (deVector6 &C, const deVector6 &V)
virtual void compute_Dinv_and_SbarT (const deMatrix6 &Ia)
virtual void minusEq_X_SbarT_St (deMatrix6 &L, const deTransform &localX)
virtual void plusEq_X_SbarT_Tau (deVector6 &Pah, const deTransform &localX)
virtual void compute_ddQ (const deVector6 &Pa, const deVector6 &XAh_C)
virtual void compute_ddQ_zeroTau (const deVector6 &Pa, const deVector6 &XAh_C)
virtual void compute_ddQ_zeroTauPa (const deVector6 &XAh_C)
virtual void compute_Tau (const deVector6 &F)
virtual void plusEq_SddQ (deVector6 &A)
virtual void minusEq_SdQ_damping (deVector6 &B, const deMatrix6 &Ia)
virtual void plusEq_S_Dinv_St (deMatrix6 &Omega)
virtual void compute_Jg (const deTransform &globalX)
virtual void plusEq_Jg_ddQ (deVector6 &Ag)
virtual void add2Tau_JgT_F (const deVector6 &Fg)
virtual void plusEq_S_inertia_ddQ (deVector6 &F, const deVector6 &A)
virtual taoVarDOF1getVarDOF1 ()
virtual deVector6S ()
virtual deVector6Jg ()
virtual deVector6C ()
virtual deVector6Pa ()
virtual deTransformlocalX ()
virtual deMatrix6L ()
virtual deFloat getDamping ()
virtual deFloat getInertia ()
virtual taoDVargetDVar ()
virtual void zeroTau ()
virtual void addDQdelta ()
virtual void addQdelta ()

Member Function Documentation

void taoABJointDOF1::update_localX ( const deTransform home,
const deFrame localFrame 

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Implements taoABJoint.

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