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  • BRING YOUR RESUME (2 copies) to class in week 2! We will peer review them and talk about getting ready for the Career Fair the next day (Wed 9/30).
  • Welcome to Autumn 2015 CS9! Class starts 9/22.

Course Summary

This course will prepare students to interview for software engineering and related internships and full-time positions in industry. Drawing on multiple sources of actual interview questions, students will learn key problem-solving strategies specific to the technical/coding interview. Students will be encouraged to synthesize information they have learned across different courses in the major. Emphasis will be on the oral and combination written-oral modes of communication common in coding interviews, but which are an unfamiliar settings for problem solving for many students.

Location Lathrop 282
Credits 1
Grades Satisfactory/No Credit
Prerequisites CS106B/X

Course Logistics and Policies

Students are required to attend seven of the nine class meetings between Week 2 and Week 10 (inclusive) to receive credit. No exceptions! (No attendance taken on the first day of class.)


Cynthia Lee, Instructor
Office Gates 191
Keith Schwarz, Instructor
Office Gates 178


Date Topic Notes
Week 1, Sept 22 Introduction
Week 2, Sept 29 Resumes
Week 3, October 6 Coding Practice Slides | Problems
Week 4, October 13 More Coding Practice Problems
Week 5, October 20 Knowing the Jargon, Behavior/Teamwork Questions Behavior Question Table Organizer Worksheet
Behavior/Teamwork Slides
Cracking the Coding Interview 1-pager guides to interviewing
Week 6, October 27 Interview Questions Anagrams | Assessing Learning | List Shuffle | SubarraySum | Teamwork | Two-Sum
Week 7, November 3 Numbers to Know, Recursion Numbers to Know | Recursion Problems
Week 8, November 10 Online Presence, Systems Overview, Recursion

Extra reading and links for the topic of online presence: Online Harrassment (by Kathy Sierra; point: you shouldn't feel required to have an online presence) | PhotoFeeler (a crowdsourced profile photo checker) | Becoming an "Expert" via Online Presence | 20 Ways to Use LinkedIn Productively

Links on misc. topics that my friends recommended for you: Self-Care Strategies (how to take care of yourself to be at your best on an interview day) | Questions to ask to find out if a company or team is female-friendly

Week 9, November 17 Negotiation Slides