Homework will be assigned Thursday, and due the following Thursday. Homework will primarily be matlab programming, with some additional problems.

You will need access to matlab. This is available at the bookstore, and is a tremendous bargain. It is strongly recommended that you have a copy on your personal computer. It is also available on the public computers, and in most research groups.

You are expected to use a word processor for preparing your solutions. PdfLaTeX is strongly recommended. If you use a mac, TeXShop is a good solution, with pointers on how to easily install the Tex Live system. This provides everything you need. For Windows MiKTeX is popular. For Linux, it will depend on your distribution. Please don't use Microsoft Word. It is very difficult to produce a technical document you could submit to a journal with Word. Learning LaTeX isn't difficult, and will pay off well in your academic career.

The assignments will be provided in pdf form, and as a LaTeX file that you can splice your solutions into. This will minimize the amount of LaTeX you need to learn right away. For more information about learning LaTeX, see the online book which is also available as a pdf, or at the bookstore.

For your solutions you will submit your pdf solutions along with a matlab .mat file with the results of your calculations.

Download Assignments

Assignment 1 and the source files.

Assignment 2 and the source files.

Assignment 3 and the source files.

Assignment 4 and the source file.

Assignment 5 and the source file.

Assignment 6 and the LaTeX source files. The data file is brain.mat. The Wavelab toolbox is here, and the imshowWAV mfile is here. You also need Wavelet.tar.gz.

To install the Wavelab toolbox:

  • Download and extract the Wavelab850 folder.

  • Download Wavelet.tar.gz and extract the @Wavelet folder into Wavelab850 (as a subfolder).

  • Include Wavelab850 in your Matlab search paths (pathtool).

Class project proposals are due this week. Send a paragraph briefly describing your project, and what you’ll need to complete it. I’ll be around most of the week if you want to come by to talk.