MWL 100 Real-Time Back-Reflection Laue Camera System

The Multiwire MWL100 Real-Time Back-Reflection Laue Camera System (MWL100 Camera System) is designed to replace the conventional back-reflection Laue film method. The MWL100 Camera System is more efficient than film in detecting x-rays and provides a fast, economical method of characterizing and orienting crystals by dynamically viewing the back-reflection images on an computer screen in real time using NorthStar program. The system has following properties:

Consists of a position sensitive x-ray proportional counter connected to a PC computer.

Orients and characterizes single crystals in real-time.

NorthStar software can index cubic, hexagonal, trigonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, and triclinic crystals.

Stereographic projections can be made from the current indexed pattern.

Orientation accuracy of 1/4o in regular mode of operation and 0.05o in high-resolution mode.

Laue patterns can be stored, displayed, and printed.