X'Pert1is the PANalytical X'Pert PRO x-ray diffraction system used for a wide variety of applications in analytical x-ray diffraction.

The following applications are possible with X'Pert diffractometer:

High resolution rocking curve analysis, reciprocal space mapping and x-ray topography on (epitaxial) layers on single crystal substrates

Reflectometry on thin layers and substrate materials

Phase analysis of samples with flat or irregular surfaces of thin films and of samples in glass capillaries

All applications can be performed in room temperature as well as at high temperatures (up to 900oC) using Anton-Paar hot stage

The modular design of X'Pert PRO utilizes the PreFIX concept that makes possible to perform more than one analysis on one system. PreFIX stands for: Pre-aligned Fast Interchangeable X-ray modules.

PreFIX modules and accessories are factory aligned so they can be dismounted from the system and then mounted again without the need for system alignment by the user. PreFIX enables to reconfigure the system from one application setup to another within a few minutes without the need for additional system alignment.