REMEMBER: Radiation safety depends on YOU!

General Rule:
A fundamental precept of radiation safety is that the individuals must assume the responsibility not only for their own safety, but must ensure that their actions do not result in hazards to others.

All equipment in the X-ray Lab is properly shielded and regularly checked for x-ray leakage. However, everybody has to understand the basic principles of danger of x-ray radiation exposure and how this can be avoided.

User Rules:

Only authorized users can be present and perform experiments in the X-ray Lab.

X-ray equipment has to be operated only according to the operations manual supplied by the manufacturer.

Know location and/or presence of primary and diffracted beams at all times.

No upgrades or incorrect use of equipment is allowed.

Overriding interlocks is prohibited.

Any questions or concerns: contact X-ray Lab manager.

Four Main Causes of Accidents:

Poor equipment configuration, e.g. unused beam ports not covered, interlock system is not engaged.

Manipulation of equipment when energized, e.g. adjustment of samples or alignment of optics when x-ray beam is on.

Equipment failure, e.g. shutter failure, warning light failure.

Inadequate training or violation of procedure, e.g. incorrect use of equipment, overriding interlocks.