Some useful links

X-Ray World Wide Web Server from Uppsala University

Virtual Crystallographic Calculators

Some very useful Java applets

X-ray Data Booklet

Silicon Valley X-ray Site

X-ray Properties of Elements

WebElements Periodic Table

Crystal Lattice Structures

Philips Analytical

Multiwire Laboratories, Ltd.

Accelrys Inc.

International Centre for Diffraction Data

HUBER X-Ray Diffraction Equipment

X-ray Diffraction products from Rigaku/MSC

Bruker Advanced X-ray Solutions

Certified Scientific Software

XRD Services at Accurel Systems International, Inc.

Anton Paar

International Union of Crystallography

Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory

Integrated Materials Laboratory at UC Berkeley

Center for X-Ray Optics LBNL

X-ray Facility at Materials Research Laboratory UCSB

Center for Microanalysis of Materials at UIUC

Central X-ray Diffraction Facility at University of Tennessee

Materials Characterization Lab at Penn State University

Radiation Safety Guide from Indiana University