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Welcome to the Pritchard Lab Website. Our group uses statistical and computational methods to study questions in genomics and evolutionary biology.

Much of our work focuses on questions relating to genetic variation and evolution. What can we learn from DNA sequence data about population structure, population histories and natural selection? How does genetic variation impact phenotypic traits, both at the organismal and cellular level (including an emphasis on gene regulation)?

We often work on problems where there are no off-the-shelf statistical methods. Thus, an important part of our work is in developing appropriate statistical and computational approaches that can yield new insights into biological data.

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Lab News

9/20/2016. Welcome to Harold Pimentel who joined the lab last month!

Also, Eilon has a paper out in Nature Genetics showing trans-interactions (i.e., trans-eQTLs) between MHC protein alleles and the expression of T cell receptor genes. With help from Leah Sibener and Chris Garcia we were able to interpret these in terms of physical interactions in the protein structure [Link]

6/1/2016. Lots of exciting news to report from April and May:

Anil's paper on using ribosome profiling data to detect novel open reading frames is now online at eLife [Link].

Xun's paper on the evolution of gene duplicates was published in Science [Link]. This received some nice attention, including in a blog post by Francis Collins.

Yair, Evan and Natalie's paper on very recent polygenic adapation is now out on bioRxiv [Link]. This got lots of attention, including news pieces in Nature and Science.

Yair and Yang both gave talks at Cold Spring's Biology of Genomes Meeting. It was also great to see talks from lab alumni Alexis Battle, Joe Pickrell and Dan Gaffney, and to get to hang out with many other colleagues, friends, and other lab alumni.

Here you can see a pair of great sketches of Yang and Yair, drawn by Alex Cagan.

4/28/2016. Well done Yang, whose paper RNA splicing is a primary link between genetic variation and disease is out today [Link]. This paper uses data from 7 years of joint projects between our lab and Yoav's lab to provide a detailed accounting of the links between genetic variation, variation in gene regulation and disease.

3/29/2016. Congrats to Evan (NSF predoc!). Also to Yang and David K on their Leafcutter paper on quantification of RNA splicing, out now on bioRxiv.

1/4/2016. Farewell and best wishes to Bryce (postdoc, Alkes Price lab, Harvard); and to Graham and Kyle, starting their own labs at the Salk Institute and UCSD, respectively.

11/20/2015. Congratulations to Bryce for his masterful PhD defense in Chicago. It was a bittersweet occasion, marking the end of the U Chicago era.

9/14/2015. Bryce and Graham's WASP paper (QTL mapping with allele-specific reads) is out today in Nature Methods.

8/18/2015. We enjoyed a farewell dinner at the Counter on Friday for Audrey and Towfique (starting their own labs at U of Idaho and Mt Sinai, respectively). Bon voyage!

A big welcome to Kelley Harris and Ziyue Gao who are joining us as new postdocs from Rasmus Nielsen and Molly Przeworski's labs!

Welcome to short term visitor Dan Lawson and also Alexis Battle who is back to visit us briefly this month.

Congrats to Eilon and Michal on birth of their son Yuval!

In the grants department, well done to Kelley (NRSA), David G (EMBO/LLHF), Yang (CEHG), Jessica (NSF predoc)! And Natalie and Evan got a pair of internal research grants, one from Genetics and one from Systems Biology. Kudos.

5/22/2015. JKP nearly done teaching... Catching up on news: Congratulations to Graham who is taking a faculty job at the Salk Institute!!

And congratulations to Towfique who is taking a faculty job at Mt Sinai!!.

And more congrats to Yang who has been awarded a CEHG postdoc fellowship for next year!

And Xun's paper on evolution of gene duplications is out on bioRxiv.

4/2/2015. Congratulations to David G. who has won a Dan David Prize scholarship!

3/31/2015. Congratulations to former lab member Melissa Hubisz, now at Cornell, for winning an NSF predoc award! Also well done to Jessica, Emily and Evan for honorable mentions.

12/18/2014. Alexis, Zia and Sidney's paper on the relationship between genetic variation and phenotypic variation in RNA, ribosomes, and proteins is out today. Congrats!

12/16/2014. Congratulations to Cristina who completed her Ph.D defense in CS yesterday!!

12/04/2014. Anil and Heejung's paper on using multi-scale approaches to model DNase data at TF binding sites is out on bioRxiv.

11/11/2014. Our new website SciReader for scientific recommendations is out in beta release. You can check it out here: Well done Priya, Natalie, Yonggan!

11/11/2014. Bryce and Graham's paper and software on unbiased allele-specific read mapping and powerful QTL mapping is out on bioRxiv and the corresponding WASP software is on GitHub.

9/22/2014. Lots of new arrivals this month: David, Yang, Anand and Emily; visiting scholars: Audrey, Towfique and Kyle. Welcome!

8/07/2014. This week we are moving into our long-term lab space in the Clark Center! We are very happy to be in the new space. In other news, Anand has been awarded a CEHG fellowship for next year. Well done, Anand!

6/24/2014. Alexis will be starting her own lab next month at Johns Hopkins in the departments of CS and Biostats [Link]. We wish her all the very best in her new position!!

6/24/2014. Well done to Eilon on winning the prestigious EMBO fellowship! David Golan, who will be joining in September has been awarded the Rothschild and Fulbright fellowships. Congrats to both!!

6/24/2014. Xun and Nick's paper on genetic influences on DNA methylation is out on bioRxiv [Link].

4/29/2014. Anil's fastSTRUCTURE paper is now out in Genetics: Link.

Alexis will be speaking next week at Biology of Genomes about her work with Zia and Sydney on understanding the effects of genetic variation on mRNA, translation and proteins.

4/2/2014. Darren Cusanovich's paper on knockdown of TFs in LCLs (with Yoav's lab) is out now in PLOS Genetics: Link. Choongwon Jeong's paper on adaptive introgression of high altitude adaptations from Sherpa into Tibetans (collaboration with Anna Di Rienzo's lab), is out now in Nature Communications: Link.

4/1/2014. Bon voyage to Heejung Kim; she spent the winter term visiting us from Matthew's lab in Chicago.

3/1/2014. Welcome to Yair who has now arrived from Chicago with his family!

2/10/2014. Our paper on genetic load in human populations, joint with Guy Sella's lab, is out now in Nature Genetics. Well done to Yuval Simons (in Guy's lab) and Michael Turchin (now in Matthew Stephens' lab)! Link.

2/10/2014. Welcome to our new postdoc Eilon Sharon, who has moved here from Eran Segal's lab. Eilon will be joint with Hunter Fraser's lab. Welcome also to this term's rotation students: Peyton Greenside, Natalie Telis, Diego Calderon, Arbel Harpak and Emily Glassberg!

12/6/2013. Joe Davis has written a great blog post about Graham and Bryce's recent paper on genetic variation and histone modification.

12/4/2013. fastSTRUCTURE is out! Links to Anil's manuscript and beta-release software are here.

12/4/2013. Thanks to Christine Vogel for her perspective on Zia's evolution of mRNA/protein paper.

11/12/2013. Welcome to Yonggan and Priya who are joining the lab this month!

11/12/2013. Congrats to Jack/Athma/Roger whose paper on DNase QTLs was chosen as one of the top papers of 2012 in Regulatory and Systems Genomics at the RECOMB/ISCB meeting.

11/1/2013. There's a nice perspective in NRG by Hannah Storey on 4 recent papers--including one by Graham and Bryce--that studied the effects of genetic variation on histone mods.

10/30/2013. Kudos to Shyam for winning the prestigious Charles Epstein Trainee Research Award (postdoc division) for his talk at ASHG on historical inference for African populations. Graham Coop is a previous winner from our lab (in 2007).

10/22/2013. Congratulations to lab alum Joe Pickrell who has just accepted a position as one of the first faculty at the New York Genome Center. In addition, Zia Khan is now in transit to his first faculty position--in CS at U. Maryland. Good luck to both!

10/22/2013. Darren's paper on knockdown experiments targeting 59 TFs is out on ArXiv.

10/17/2013. Zia and Graham/Bryce have a pair of papers out in Science today: evolution of protein expression in primates and effects of genetic variation on histone modifications. Congrats to Zia, Graham and Bryce!

10/17/2013. Ben Voight's 2006 paper on selection was highlighted in a nice blog article by Emma Ganley as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations at PLOS Biology.

10/11/2013. Welcome to our first two Stanford rotation students: Ilana Arbisser from the Biology department and Michael Sikora from Genetics!

8/1/2013. We are delighted to be moving to Stanford University. This will be a fantastic academic environment and a great place to live. That said, we will miss our many friends at the University of Chicago, where the lab was based for 12 years.

8/1/2013. Welcome to our newest postdoc Alexis Battle! It's great to have her onboard.

8/1/2013. Welcome to Anil, Stoyan and Xun, who are arriving at Stanford this month. The rest of the lab will follow soon or work from Chicago during the transitional period.

5/10/2013. Our paper with Guy Sella's lab "The deleterious mutation load is insensitive to recent population history" is out on arXiv. We show that the mutation load is very similar in European and African Americans, and argue that rare mutations are only likely to be important for traits that have direct fitness consequences.