Pritchard Lab: People

The Pritchard lab (08/2009). From left to right: Jean-Baptiste, Katelyn, Jack, Everlyne, Jonathan, Daniel, Mike, Jordana, Roger, and Joe; Ying absent.

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Lab Alumni who are now PIs at academic institutions.

Alexis Battle (Johns Hopkins), Jordana Bell (Kings College London), Don Conrad (Wash U St Louis), Graham Coop (UC Davis), Audrey Fu (Univ Idaho), Daniel Gaffney (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute), Kyle Gaulton (UCSD), David Golan (Technion, Israel), Kelley Harris (University of Washington), Yang Li (Univ Chicago), Xun Lan (Tsinghua U, China), Pall Melsted (University of Iceland), Giovanni Montana (Kings College London), Joe Pickrell (NY Genome Center/Columbia), Roger Pique-Regi (Wayne State), Graham McVicker (Salk Institute), Towfique Raj (Mt. Sinai), Ben Voight (U Penn), Jeff Wall (UCSF), William Wen (U Michigan), Sebastian Zollner (U Michigan).

Approximately complete list of lab alumni

Pritchard lab photo (10/2005)


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PhD students who switched to UC labs during Stanford move

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