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Aerospace Journal
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Structures And Composites Laboratory
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The Laboratory for Verification & Validation (LVV)
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Please apply to the exhibition by filling out the following form: Click Application Form

The focus of the workshop is to promote applications of SHM technologies and to encourage interaction between industry and academia. We place significant emphasis on industrial applications including aerospace, ground transportation systems, and civil infrastructures.

Please register your company or institution by filling out the registration form with a brief description of the product that you wish to display or demonstrate. Upon completion of the selection process you will be invited to reserve a booth space.

The package includes:

• Lunches
• Networking BBQ
• Exhibitor listed on final program and website.
• Booth size: TBD, around 10’x10’
• Table size: 3’x8’
• Chairs: 2
• Internet availability
• Note: Exhibition is outdoors in shaded area. However, please expect and prepare for slightly windy conditions.
120V/5A power will be provided. If you are bringing large equipment, please contact us first.

You will need to provide a brief description of your display or demonstration. Invitations to register for booth space will be granted to qualified organizations on a first come, first serve basis until July 15, 2019, at which time acceptances will be determined by the remaining space.

Exhibition Map

Previous Exhibitors

Structures And Composites Laboratory

Structures And Composites Laboratory (SACL) is in the Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics at Stanford University. The main focus of the group is to build intelligent and light-weight structures, with emphasis on structural health monitoring.


Optics11 is a fast-growing high-tech company that develops revolutionary new industrial optical fiber measurement systems for applications in acoustic monitoring, acceleration & strain sensing and more. The underlying shared technology enables our systems to be more sensitive, affordable and have a higher bandwidth compared to existing industry standards. At IWSHM 2019 we will release (and show) world’s first 16 channel fully fiber optic AE measurement system.
With our unique sensing technologies, we focus on the following four products: acoustic emission (AE) sensors, accelerometers, acoustic arrays and hydrophone arrays. Applications we serve are AE and acceleration sensing in structural health monitoring (e.g. high voltage applications (PD), aviation, railway), condition and process monitoring (rotating equipment, oil & gas), underwater acoustic sensing (seismology) and perimeter sensing.

The Laboratory for Verification & Validation (LVV)

The Laboratory for Verification & Validation (LVV), part funded by the EPSRC and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is a unique dynamics testing facility open to both academia and industry that enables research into V&V of models across test scales and in all environments. Led by the Dynamics Research Group (DRG) at The University of Sheffield, the laboratory offers significant benefits across a range of industrial sectors including energy, aerospace, automotive and renewables.
The centrepiece of the facility is a series of three large environmental chambers designed for dynamic testing under realistic environmental conditions. They offer the ability to control temperature and humidity and to simulate both wind and rainfall. An integrated shake table and reconfigurable electro-dynamic shakers enables dynamic testing across a broad frequency range within the chambers. A separate wave tank facility enables generation of deep water wave conditions. A strong wall and floor are also available for the testing of large size components and structures.


Roctest/Smartec offers a complete line of sensor-based solutions ranging from traditional vibrating wire technology to state-of-the-art next generation fiber-optic technology used for the measurement and monitoring of geotechnical projects and structural health monitoring (SHM) of critical assets such as: dams, tunnels, mines, buildings, bridges, nuclear power plants and many other structures too numerous to list. For less than 1% of the construction cost, Roctest/Smartec’s technological solutions can extend the life of an asset, reduce the need for costly repairs and deter catastrophic failure.