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installation view at Capp Stree Project, San Francisco

Hereditary Allegories: a study in genetics

50 cages with tables, 30 mice, 1 canary, 2 chairs, videotape, ~400 digital prints
dimensions variable

Thirty mice and a canary create the stage for a series of stories/case studies in genetics. Each text presents a central issue of genetic research and then adds a twist to take the reader into theoretical possibilities that question the underlying conventions and assumptions of scientific/cultural practice. Commissioned by Capp Street Project. The entire text and more photos can be found here.

two twins raised apart, at opposite ends of the class spectrum, both take up painting and piano playing...
the working class twin, painting and playing its upright piano
watching "Of Mice and Men" on television, mouse K has paid for the rights to the Lazy Gene
one of the hundreds of photos of a single mouse that ring the room: so much variation in one little mouse
Harry Harlow chairs: in the future, will the need for warmth and comforting be genetically removed?
Harry Harlow's original experiment
installation view
photo: Ben Blackwell