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Pacific Cadence documentation by Miguel Novelo - 3:06

Pacific Cadence

print and custom electronics
12' x 60'
2018 (in process)

This 60' long undulating landscape began with 2485 photos of the Pacific Ocean. A permanent installation in Stanford’s new Bass Biology Building, the composited image teeters between ocean and desert, spilling from outside into the interior, across glass and solid walls and movable glass doors.

The glass wall of the outer conference room fogs and clears in sync with the tides at Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford's marine biology research station in Monterey Bay, ninety miles from campus.

The composited photos are color reversed, so that blues become yellows and greens become reds, and the ocean’s white foam becomes a deep black. The 50 megapixel images accentuate the ceaseless fluid dynamics of the ocean, and the warm tones and inky surface, reminiscent of ink wash paintings, enable us to see the ocean with fresh eyes. The strange confluence of water and dry land evoke both the timelessness and the vulnerability of our oceans.

view from inside lobby conference room, looking out
external conference room, where the glass fogs and clears with the changing tides
view of interior lobby walls and interior conference room doors
view from inside interior conference room, looking out at lobby
view from outside, looking across lobby interior
view from inside lobby conference room with all doors closed