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In the Time of Anemones

In the Time of...

video projection, plexiglas,
holographic film
12" d x 40" h, 20 min. loop
edition of 8

Each of these miniature tide pools focuses on the movements of one animal, bringing us into its sense of time: sea anemones, starfish, hermit crabs, nudibranchs, snails. Like otherworldly clocks, each orb spins slowly counter-clockwise, while creatures scuttle through the frame or go through their somnambulent paces.

Each tide pool is invisible from afar, only coming into focus when viewed from directly overhead. The macro footage is accentuated by holographic film.

In the Time of Anemones, In the Time of Hermits, In the Time of Stars at Patricia Sweetow Gallery
In the Time of Stars, In the Time of Anemones, In the Time of Hermits