© 2015

Pool at Hosfelt Gallery


video installation with water,
sound & custom electronics
12' l x 4' w x ~15', 20 min. loop
edition of 3

Pool was shot with an underwater camera using a macro lens in the tide pools of Salt Point State Park in northern California. Circling the projection, there are six unique pools with a central pool of incessant ocean waves. The fine detail of the life in the tide pools, along with their watery disruptions, evoke both the fragility and the resiliency of these miniature worlds at the border of sea and land.

The screen hovers just a foot above the floor. The projection passes through a shallow dish of water hung just below the projector, suspended from the ceiling. Two small motors with paddles are hovering at the water’s surface. Electronics occasionally play the sounds of seagulls, and less frequently a mournful fog horn. When these sounds are played, the paddles turn, creating concentric waves, momentarily distorting the image below. Pool was conceived for the exhibit Garage Inventors at Hosfelt Gallery.

Pool on Vimeo.

video still
Pool in the exhibit Cerulean Blues at Stanford
early tests in the studio