l CS 520: Knowledge Graphs

CS 520

Knowledge Graphs

How should AI explicitly represent knowledge?

Department of Computer Science, Stanford University, Spring 2020
Tuesdays 4:30-6:20 P.M. PDT

Course Info

Knowledge graphs have emerged as a compelling abstraction for organizing world's structured knowledge over the internet, capturing relationships among key entities of interest to enterprises, and a way to integrate information extracted from multiple data sources. Knowledge graphs have also started to play a central role in machine learning and natural language processing as a method to incorporate world knowledge, as a target knowledge representation for extracted knowledge, and for explaining what is being learned. This class is a graduate level research seminar featuring prominent researchers and industry practitioners working on different aspects of knowledge graphs. It will showcase how latest research in AI, database systems and HCI is coming together in integrated intelligent systems centered around knowledge graphs.

Covid-19 Update

The seminar will be offered over Zoom as per the planned schedule. As the start of the spring quarter has been delayed to April 6th, Stanford students taking the course for credit are not required to attend the session on March 31st. The sessions will be recorded, and the recordings posted here as and when they become available.

Webinar Information

The seminar is open to public. Remote participants may join the seminar through Zoom. To be added to the mailing list for course announcements for guests, please visit here. The playlist of all the session videos is available here.



March 31st, 2020 What is a knowledge graph?
[Vrandečić] [Aasman] [Galkin] [Video]
April 7th, 2020 How to create a knowledge graph?
[Sequeda] [Ré] [Ling] [Video]
April 14th, 2020 What are some advanced knowledge graphs?
[Tung] [Shimizu] [Mugnier] [Video]
April 21st, 2020 What are some knowledge graph inference algorithms?
[Yuxiao] [Gottlob] [Doan] [Video]
April 28th, 2020 How to evolve a knowledge graph?
[Pérez-Urbina] [Gómez-Pérez] [Uschold] [Video]
May 5th, 2020 How do users interact with knowledge graphs?
[Prakash] [Chen] [Gilpin] [Video]
May 12th, 2020 What are some prevelant graph engines in industry?
[Rathle] [Bebee] [Zaharia] [Video]
May 19th, 2020 What is the role of knowledge graphs in machine learning?
[Leskovec] [Dong] [Hoffman] [Video]
May 26th, 2020 What are some high value use cases of knowledge graphs?
[Yu] [Saxena] [Newman] [Video]
June 2nd, 2020 What are some open research questions on knowledge graphs
[Socher] [Musen] [Guha] [Video]