Welcome to the web page of the textbook, "Air Pollution and Global Warming: History, Science, and Solutions," by Mark Z. Jacobson (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2012).

This book provides an introduction to the history, science, and solutions of local and global air pollution and global warming. It first introduces the history of discovery of chemicals in the air, then discusses the historic evolution of the Earth's atmosphere and the structure and composition of the present-day atmosphere. Subsequently, it examines historical, scienctific, and regulatory aspects of five major air-related topics: urban outdoor air pollution, indoor air pollution, acid deposition, global stratospheric and Antarctic ozone reduction, and global warming. It also looks at the effects of meteorology on air pollution and vice-versa and the effects of pollution on visibility, ultraviolet radiation, and colors in the sky. A final chapter discusses large-scale renewable energy solutions to global warming and air pollution and technical and policy issues related to those solutions. The book contains 13 chapters, each with student examples and problems, 238 color illustrations and photographs, and 71 tables. It is an introductory text designed for general audiences and for a range of undergraduate and graduate courses on air pollution, climate, and the environment. Researchers can also find several previously unpublished figures and new compilations of information within it.

This is the second edition of this text. The first edition can be found at (link). The new edition includes a Foreward by Prof. John H. Seinfeld.

The text is available from Cambridge University Press. A solution key for instructors may also be obtained from that site or from jacobson@stanford.edu

PowerPoint Slides by Chapter

Chapter 1. Basics and Discovery of Atmospheric Chemicals (22.4 MB)

Chapter 2. The Sun, the Earth, and the Evolution of the Earth's Atmosphere (19.6 MB)

Chapter 3. Structure and Composition of the Present-Day Atmosphere (12.5 MB)

Chapter 4. Urban Air Pollution 36.5 MB)

Chapter 5. Aerosol Particles in the Polluted and Global Atmosphere (9 MB)

Chapter 6. Effects of Meteorology on Air Pollution (19.1 MB)

Chapter 7. Effects of Pollution on Visibility, Ultraviolet Radiation, and Colors in the Sky (9.4 MB)

Chapter 8. International Regulation of Urban Smog Since the 1940s (19 MB)

Chapter 9. Indoor Air Pollution (14.3 MB)

Chapter 10. Acid Deposition (10.7 MB)

Chapter 11. Global Stratospheric Ozone Reduction (10.1 MB)

Chapter 12. The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming (38.3 MB)

Chapter 13. Energy Solutions to Air Pollution and Global Warming (27.9 MB)


Public online course

To learn more about the topics covered in Chapter 13, Stanford Center for Professional Development offers a public online course: XEIET200 - Planning for a Sustainable Future with Wind, Water and the Sun. (link)

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