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No Miracles Needed

How Today's Technology Can Save Our Climate and Clean Our Air

by Mark Z. Jacobson, with a foreword by Bill McKibben. 

One of Cambridge University Press' "Books of the Year" (link)


Available from Cambridge University Press (link) or Amazon (link). Also available as an audiobook (e.g., link). For questions, please contact Matt Lloyd at Cambridge mlloyd@cambridge.org.

The world needs to switch away from using fossil fuels to using renewable sources of energy as soon as possible. Failure to do so will lead to accelerated and catastrophic climate damage, loss of biodiversity, and economic, social, and political instability. This book describes how to solve the climate crisis, and at the same time eliminate air pollution and safely secure energy supplies for all - without using miracle technologies. It explains how to use existing and known technologies to harness, store, and transmit energy from wind, water, and solar sources to ensure reliable electricity and heat supplies worldwide. It also discusses which technologies are not needed but are currently being pursued, including natural gas, carbon capture, direct air capture, blue hydrogen, bioenergy, and nuclear energy. Written for everyone, No Miracles Needed advises individuals, communities, and nations on what they can do to solve the problems, and discusses the economic, health, climate, and land benefits of the solutions.

Foreword and Table of Contents (pdf)

Sample - Chapter 6 - WWS Solutions for Industry (pdf)

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Op-ed in The Guardian (link)

Op-ed in The New Scientist (link) (pdf)

Stanford University 12-hour online course from 2023 based on the topics in this book: XEIET100 (link)

Stanford University 3-lecture online course from 2016 based on the topics in this book: XEIET200 (link)

Why we must focus on clean, renewable energy and storage, not "all of the above," for solving global climate, air pollution, and energy security problems, AGU, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 10, 2023: (pdf)

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