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The concepts of scalability, sustainability, opportunity and accountability in for-profit entrepreneurship ventures are also applicable to social ventures. We discuss the New Schools Venture Fund as an example of applying the VC model to a philantrophic mission.


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Discussion Questions

  1. What elements of entrepreneurship are common to for-profit and non-profit ventures?
  2. What elements are unique to each?
  3. Who is the the judge of value in a non-profit ventures vs. a for-profit venture?
  4. How is "business discipline" imposed on the social entrepreneurship process?
  5. How does New Schools differ from a typical Venture Capital Firm? How is it the same?
  6. How does New Schools decide whether to invest in a for-profit or not-for-profit venture?
Main Case Study: New Schools Venture Fund
A new approach to philanthropy has emerged in the last two years led by venture capitalists and the "new wealth." They are applying the same accountability criteria from results as they would their investment portfolio. Teaching Purpose: To analyze the risks and rewards of applying the venture capital model to philanthropy.
Vinod Khosla: Social Entrepreneurship
In Kleiner Perkins perspective, the traditional model of giving is broken. Social entrepreneurship is very important and the way to leverage dollars--there aren't enough dollars in the world to solve the world's problems,from a giving point of view. But if you apply and multiply, there are, in fact, solutions to some of these problems. Examples of the Gramine Bank, Aprotech.
The Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship
Social entrepreneurship brings to mind different things to different people - some people see such ventures as purely not for profit, and others understand the term to refer to businesses that integrate social responsibility into their operations. Dees brings an insightful perspective to the meaning of social entrepreneurship.
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