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Venture Opportunity, Concept and Strategy
Venture Formation and Planning
Functional Planning of the Venture
Financing and Building the Venture
  Business Plans (App. A)
  Case Studies (App. B)
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Entrepreneurial Perspective
Idea or Opportunity
Gathering Resources
Managing Ventures
Entrepreneurship and You
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Module I: The Entrepreneurial Perspective
Week 1 Session 1 Lecture Course Overview
Session 2 Lecture Silcon Valley and Entrepreneurship Frameworks
Module II: Opportunity Recognition and Evaluation
Week 2 Session 3 Discussion Creativity and Improvisation
Workshop A Workshop   Workshop: Accounting
Session 4 Case Study From Idea to Opportunity I: Our First Case Study
Week 3 Session 5 Case Study From Idea to Opportunity II
Session 6 Lecture Entrepreneurial Marketing
Week 4 Session 7 Case Study Intellectual Property
Session 8 Case Study Negotiating Startup Challenges
Module III: Gathering Resources
Week 5 Session 9 Lecture Key Elements of Venture Finance & Teams
Workshop B Workshop   Workshop: Finance and Valuations
Session 10 Lecture Team Effectiveness
Week 6 Session 11 Case Study Venture Capital
Session 12 Case Study Recruiting and Rewards
Module IV: Managing Ventures
Week 7  Session 13 Case Study Entrepreneurial Leadership  
Workshop C Workshop   Workshop: Making Effective Presentations
Session 14 Case Study Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
Week 8 Session 15 Case Study Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
Session 16 Case Study Social Entrepreneurship
Module V: Entrepreneurship and You
Week 9 Session 17 Discussion Group Presentations I
Session 18 Discussion Group Presentations II
Week 10 Session 19 Discussion Entrepreneurship and You
Session 20 Lecture Course Summary
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