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Class 9: Key Elements of Venture Finance & Teams

A successful venture must have essential building blocks in place. This includes a solid business plan, human resources and talent, and venture finance. This discussion will cover the principles behind each of these building blocks, from recruiting to money.

Workshop B: Finance and Valuations

This workshop digs deeper into the details of the staged financing process and implications with the 'exploding pie' concept. We will also look at public companies and industry metrics, and the role of the employee stock option pool.

Class 10: Group Dynamics and Team Effectiveness

As experiential learning is a pillar of this course, we emphasis teamwork. The goal of this class is for you to candidly self-evaluate your team dynamics and determine any systematic and individual causes of tension so that your team performance can be even better than it already is!

Class 11: Venture Capital and Financing Choices

Jon Hirschtick is seeking first-round venture funding for his startup, Solidworks. We examine the tradeoffs between single and multi-staged financing for both the investors, founders and other major stakeholders. How does each method affect the numbers and the team?
Class 12: Recruiting and Rewards  
How do employee stock options work? This is an important consideration when choosing between different job offers and a good skill for every student to have. We follow Barbara Arneson through her analysis of company metrics to determine the worth of her different stock option plans.

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