The Senior Reflection: Final Essays

At the end of each year, TSR students write an essay in which they reflect on their projects, trajectories through Stanford, and plans for the future. Here are the reflections of students who agreed to allow their essays to be made public:


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Julie Campbell
My project for The Senior Reflection, Frankenfoods, is a series of watercolor portraits of six genetically modified crops that examines the disconnect between representations of GMOs… Read more
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Andrea Freund
Chief Crazy Skin
I used to imagine that I was coated
in plastic wrap
like Saran wrap, except without
he brand name
It lined my whole body from… Read more
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Katrina Hui
Hands have always held a certain intrigue for me. I think it arose from my mother’s peculiar fascination with hands. When I was growing up, it was routine for her to take my hands into hers and meticulously feel… Read more
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Catherine Le
Trust in Creativity
Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work. -Rita Mae Brown “So…What exactly are you doing again?” “I am drawing the tissue and cellular levels of… Read more
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Jeanette Lok
Throughout the Bay Area, mountain lions are predators to smaller mammals, but they in turn also fall prey to humans who have urbanized the region. “Fragments” is an exploration of the tension… Read more
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Arnav Moudgil
Myth Countries
I grew up between cracked spines and dog-eared pages, in the haze of books bought from the local Salvation Army. This was upstate New York, a land of beautiful summers, gentle hills, and the… Read more
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Arnav Moudgil
One in Four
“Take that tacky little thing out of your hair,” Marie said, slamming the driver side door. It was raining and they were late. Two shakes of the umbrella before tossing it on the passenger seat. One quick… Read more
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Fallon Segarra
Inside and Out
“You want to do what?” he asked, looking down. Even sitting, Dr. Martin Vidal, DVM, towered over me.
“I want to take radiographs and put them on top of photographs of horses… Read more
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Alyssa-Francene Tamayo
Holy Cow
On the first day of spring break, during my senior year of college, I found myself sitting on a mule. I am not referring to the animal, but instead, a small off-road vehicle that resembles a golf cart. A… Read more
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Sue McConnell
Just before the opening of the Senior Reflection exhibition, someone asked what I found surprising about the first year of TSR. I didn’t expect this question and found myself thinking first about what hadn’t… Read more