The Senior Reflection: Final Essays

At the end of each year, TSR students write an essay in which they reflect on their projects, trajectories through Stanford, and plans for the future. Here are the reflections of students who agreed to allow their essays to be made public:


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Hannah Boutros
Mothers Rising Above Hardship
For many reasons, I am so glad to have participated in TSR this year. Throughout my time at Stanford, up until my senior year, I did not have a creative outlet besides creative writing. I’ve always… Read more
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Kristin Chesnutt
An Emotional Conversation
My senior reflection project was something that is near and dear to my heart. It is a project that I have pursued, in some form, throughout all my life, and especially over the last four years.… Read more
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Grace Klaris
It’s difficult to put into words what this year in TSR has meant to me. What had started as a “class I am going to shop for a week” turned into one of the most meaningful and enriching experiences… Read more
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Jessica Shen
I first heard about the Senior Reflection in sophomore year from an upperclassman friend who worked in the same research lab. She was in the midst of writing her honors thesis in Biology… Read more
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Olivia Wu
When the sky falls
Over the past year, The Senior Reflection has helped me explore what it means to be in many places at once. In many ways, I think that this theme is an accurate summation of my.… Read more