CS240 (Spring 2021)

Advanced Topics in Operating Systems

Move to OhYay

Starting from Tuesday 20th April we'll be moving office hours from zoom to Ohyay. The link should be up on both the google group and canvas. Let us know if you have any trouble finding it

Reading List

There is no textbook for this course. The course is based on a collection of journal and conference papers that describe the history and state of the art in operating systems. Lectures are pre-recorded and up on Canvas and in the videos the papers are discussed in approximately the order that they appear on the reading list below. You are required to read the papers listed in each class slot before watching videos/going to office hours. Professor Engler plans on holding office hours during the alloted class period so look for the Zoom link on the Google Group and on Canvas.

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Latest News

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Welcome to CS240! The lecture videos are pre-recorded up on Canvas and you can start watching them there. Professor Engler is planning to hold office hours during the class period so please look for Zoom link in upcoming email/Google Group. We are still working on setting up the course website for the 2021 edition, so stay tuned for more information. You can always reach us at cs240-spr21-staff@lists.stanford.edu.


There are 2 lectures a week. For each lecture:

  • Read the paper
  • Watch the lecture
  • Optionally: Come to the discussion section
  • Answer the reading questions on Gradescope (20% of grade)
  • There will be 2-3 labs (20% of grade)
  • There will be a midterm and a final (60% of grade)


Prerecorded on Canvas. Two lectures a week


Join the CS240 Google Group.

Please sign up with your Stanford email, if possible.


Submit your Reading Question responses on Gradescope.

The course code is D582ZJ

Staff List


Dawson Engler
Office Hours:
Tu/Thu 4:30 p.m. to 5:50 pm (During allotted Class time)

Michal Adamkiewicz
Course Assistant
Office Hours:
Tu/Thu 4:30 p.m. to 5:50 pm (During allotted Class time)
Extra Office Hours As Needed

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