Single-Molecule Projects

Selected Work in Biophysics, Fluorescent Labeling, and Imaging of Single Molecules in vitro and in vivo (since 1995)



Superresolution Imaging in Live C. Crescentus Cells Using Photoswitchable EYFP [Slide] [journal link: Nature Meth.]

Visualization of Long Human Telomere Mimics by Single-Molecule Fluorescence Imaging [Slide] [journal link: JPC B Letter]

Cy3-Cy5 Covalent Heterodimers for Superresolution Imaging [Slide] [journal link: JPC B Letter]

New Photoactivatable Single-Molecule Fluorophores [Slide] [journal link: JACS]

Single-Molecule Motions of Oligoarginine Transporter Conjugates on the Plasma Membrane of CHO Cells
[Slide] [journal link: JACS]

Water-Soluble DCDHF Single-Molecule Fluorophores [Slide]

Detecting Single Oligonucleotides with DCDHF Self-Quenched Intermolecular H-Dimers (SQuIDs)
[Slide] [Journal Link] [Movie showing two-step bleaching]

Recent Progress in DCDHF Single-Molecule Emitters [Slides]

Single Molecules of Bacterial Actin MreB Undergo Directed Treadmilling Motion in Caulobacter Cells
[ Full Text] [Journal link] [Supporting material] [movie1] [movie2] [movie3] [movie4]

Cholesterol Depletion Induces Solid-Like Regions in the Plasma Membrane [ Full Text]

DCDHF Molecules as Lipid-like Plasma Membrane Probes [ Full Text]

Diffusion of Single GFP Fusions in Bacteria [ Full Text ] [Slide] [Journal link]

New Fluorophores for Cellular Imaging [ Full Text] [Slide]

Effect of Cholesterol on Motion of Single Transmembrane Proteins in CHO Cells [ Full Text] [ Slide]

Observing Individual Enzyme Turnovers [Slide]

Nucleotide-Dependent Orientations of Kinesin Motors on Microtubules (Nat. Struct. Bio. Cover and News and Views, June 2001) [Slide]

DsRed: A Red Fluorescent Protein, Single and Many Molecules [Slide]

Single-Molecule pH Sensors [Abstract]

Single-Molecule Reporters of Calcium Concentrations Using FRET in a Dual-GFP Construct [Abstract]

Summary (1998): Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Biophysics [Slides]

Blinking and Switching of Single Green Fluorescent Protein Molecules [Abstract]

Polyacrylamide Gels for Single Molecule Imaging and Biophysics [Abstract]