Join Stanford Women's Ultimate!

Now that the summer is in full swing, it's time to look ahead to fall quarter! Whether you are an incoming freshman, an incoming grad student, or currently at Stanford, we want you to play for us!

A lot of high school and undergrad athletes feel that their days of playing competitive sports have to end when they start college or grad school. Join Women's Ultimate to find a team that is:


Stanford has won 7 national championships since 1997. In 2013, Stanford was Southwest Regional Champions.


From sprint practices to gym workouts, our team works hard on our fitness during and outside of practice.


We host numerous social events, from theme parties to weekly hangouts at Treehouse with the men's team.

An amazing community

By joining Women's Ultimate, you'll join a long history and great group of ultimate players.

Pictured above is Superfly at a tournament in Hawaii in 2012, when we were surrounded by close to 100 current and alumni Stanford Ultimate players.

If you'd like to know more, check out our FAQ. We'd love to see you out for practices in the fall!



Introducing Superfly 2014 Captains: Jennie, Halsey, and Slim!

At our annual end-of-year team meeting, we announced the captains for the 2014 season. Jennie, Halsey, and Slim could not be more excited to captain the team next year, and already have been discussing ideas on how to make next year great.

Get ready for FLY-LEADER-SHIP!

Captains Jennie Lummis, Halsey Hoster, and Steph Lim playing at the Stanford Invite.



Michela Selected for the 2013 All-American Team!

For the second year in a row, Michela was selected as part of the 2013 All-American team, which features the 14 best players in women's college ultimate. You can check out the Skyd Magazine article listing the players here. Congrats, Michela!



Superfly finishes the season tied for 13th at Nationals

The Stanford women played five hard-fought games at College Nationals in Madison, Wisconsin. We started out Friday with a 15-9 win against Minnesota. That afternoon, we played Northeastern. We struggled to play offense against their clam defense and lost on universe point.

Saturday we looked to avenge our losses. We played Oregon in the morning, but their signature junk D proved difficult for us. Finally, we played Wisconsin with for the chance to enter pre-quarters. We threw our wide variety of zone looks that won us the game against them at Centex. However, they broke through our zone and we lost the game 8-10.

We played a final consolation game Saturday afternoon against Texas. It was a tight game, but happily we were able to finish our season on a win, 15-14.

Our team photo after we beat Minnesota 15-9



Superfly is Southwest Regional Champions!

Though our team was still suffering from numerous injuries during regionals, we stayed mentally focused through all of Saturday and went 4-0. Our mantra throughout the day was "games to three"--every point is just another point in the game to three.

On Sunday we faced our in-region rivals, UC Santa Barbara, in the finals. We were unfortunately down 3-8 at halftime, but Superfly never let up and won the game 12-11 on universe point. We're going to Madison!

Which door? Front Door.