Teaching staff


Name E-mail Office hours
Steven Bell sebell@stanford.edu Thursday 5–6.30pm
Chuan-Zheng Lee czlee@stanford.edu Monday 3:15–4:45pm

Teaching assistants

Who should I contact?

  • If it's about homework or prelabs, post to Piazza.

  • For a personal matter about your lab or homework, e-mail your lab TA.

  • For other personal administrative matters, submit a private post on Piazza.

Addresses and office hours

Deviations from this regular schedule will be posted on Piazza. Except where otherwise specified, TA office hours will be held in Packard 103.

Finding rooms:

  • Packard 130 is the main lab, across from Bytes CafĂ©.

  • Packard 103 is the normal office hours room. If you go in the main entrance, go left immediately and continue past the stairs. You'll see the room straight ahead, at the beginning of the hallway.

Name E-mail Office hours Lab hours
Cheng Chen cchen91@stanford.edu Thursday 3–4.30pm Monday 3–6pm (Open lab) and Tuesday 3–6pm
Jugal Gala jugal23@stanford.edu Tuesday 7–8.30pm Tuesday 3–6pm and Friday 9am–12pm
Siavash Kananian kananian@stanford.edu Wednesday 6.30–8pm Thursday 3–6pm and Friday 3–6pm
Nathan Staffa staffa@stanford.edu Tuesday 1–2.30pm Wednesday 3–6pm
Helen Xiong hxiong12@stanford.edu Thursday 6.30–7.30pm Tuesday 6.30–9.30pm