Solar USB charger (week 2)

Useless box (weeks 3–4)

Basic useless box (week 3)

Smart useless box (week 4)

LED cube (weeks 5–7)

Building the cube (week 5)

Programming the cube (week 6)

Making the cube do cool things (week 7)

Important note on what to submit: You must complete and submit one of the additional handouts for this lab (this includes the associated prelab). If your project is unique, extravagant, and does not pertain to any of the additional lab handouts, your TA may grant you an exemption from the additional handouts, and instead you will submit a report detailing your project's construction (both hardware and software) and functionality.

If you want to have your cube respond to music or to button presses (both optional), please complete the appropriate handout below instead:

Electrocardiogram (weeks 8)