Projects 2016

Projects from CS231A 2015/16

Project Title Report
Virtualized Reality Using Depth Camera Point Cloudspdf
Automatic Linesman System for Badminton Gamespdf
Animal identification from remote camera imagespdf
StereoScan: Dense 3D Reconstruction in Real-timepdf
Near-Eye Display Gaze Tracking via Convolutional Neural Networkspdf
Object Detection for Autonomous Vehiclespdf
Cross-domain Deep Encoding for 3D Voxels and 2D Imagespdf
ChessVision: Chess Board and Piece Recognitionpdf
Dog Breed Identificationpdf
Optical Recognition of Hand-Drawn Chemical Structurespdf
Deep Drone: Object Detection and Tracking forpdf
Synthetic Saliencypdf
A System of Image Matching and 3D Reconstruction pdf
Spotting Distracted Drivers from a Dashboard Camerapdf
Using Computer Vision to Play Super Hexagonpdf
Eigenfaces and Fisherfaces – A comparison of face detection techniquespdf
Head pose Estimation Using Convolutional Neural Networkspdf
Automatic Generation of 3D GIFspdf
Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographspdf
3D Pose Estimation using Synthetic Data over Monocular Depth Imagespdf
Video Stabilization and Face Saliency-based Retargetingpdf
Adding Shot Chart Data to NBA Scenespdf
Connect Four App for Perfect Playpdf
Modeling and Packing Objects and Containers through Voxel Carvingpdf
Track-RNN: Joint Detection and Tracking Usingpdf
A Discriminatory Image Captioning Model with Deep Neural Networkspdf
Emotion AI, Real-Time Emotion Detection using CNNpdf
A Fast, Intuitive and Accurate Correspondence Methodpdf
Content Aware Image Resizing pdf
Body Pose From Optical Flowpdf
Classification of the Natural Gas Leakpdf
Optical Character Recognition of Japanese Textpdf
Gradient-learned Models for Stereo Matchingpdf
3D Image Reconstruction from Stereo Images and Single Imagespdf
Effect of Spatial Sampling on Topologicalpdf
Group Visual Sentiment Analysispdf
Human Action Recognition Using CNN and BoW Methods pdf
Recovery and Reconstruction of Blackboard or pdf
Classroom Data Collection and Analysis using Computer Visionpdf
Augmenting Videos with 3D Objectspdf
Reflection Recovery and Removal via Image Edge Parallaxpdf
Yelp Restaurant Photo Classification pdf
Using Computer Vision to Solve Jigsaw Puzzlespdf
Reconstructing Roller Coasterspdf
Who Drew It? Style Analysis on DeviantARTpdf
Eyeglass positional tracking using leap motion controller for parallax projection pdf
Lane detection using Fourier based line detector pdf
Video to PDFpdf
Computer Vision for Food Cost Classificationpdf
Indoor Scene Segmentation using Conditional Random Fieldspdf
Automatic 3D Reconstruction for symmetric shapespdf
3D Scene Reconstruction with a Mobile Camerapdf
Virtual Reality Windowpdf
3D Image Reconstruction from Videos Using Patches Generated from Tracking-Learning-Detection Algorithmpdf
Using RGB, Depth, and Thermal Data for Improved Hand Detectionpdf
Structure from Dense Paired Stereo Reconstructionpdf
End-to-end system for recognizing and solvingpdf
Pose Guided Visual Attention for Action Recognitionpdf
3D Scene Reconstruction from Multiple Uncalibrated Viewspdf
Computer Vision and Deep Learning forpdf
Recurrent Human Pose Estimationpdf
Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification andpdf
Pedestrian Detection and Tracking in Images and Videospdf
Study of Viola-Jones Real Time Face Detectorpdf
Identifying Car Model from Photographspdf
Making Puzzles Less Puzzling:pdf
Face Detection and Tracking Control with Omni Car pdf
Solving Large Jigsaw Puzzlespdf
Database-Backed Scene Completionpdf
Group Activity Recognitionpdf
Informed Haar-like features for Pedestrian Detectionpdf
Christopher Probert pdf
Extending Convolution into the Z-Dimensionpdf
Low-cost Tennis Line Call System with Four Webcamspdf
MonoSLAM via 1-point RANSAC with EKFpdf
Hand Recognition and Gesture Control Using a Laptop Web-camerapdf
Augmented Reality in Live Video Streams Using Post-Itspdf
Scene Geometry Generation for Augmented Reality using Markers forpdf
Recognizing Panoramaspdf
Deep View Morphing pdf
Measuring Heart Rate from Videopdf
Whale Face Identification: Can you distinguish these faces?pdf
EmoNet: Deep Learning for Gesture Recognitionpdf
3D Indoor Object Recognition by Holistic Scene Understandingpdf
Real-Time Semi-Global Matching Using CUDA Implementationpdf
3D Reconstruction Of Occluded Objects From Multiple Viewspdf
3D Person Tracking in Retail Storespdf
End-to-end learning of motion, appearance and interaction cues for multi-targetpdf
Understanding 3D Space-Semanticspdf
HDR panoramic image stitching techniquespdf
Universal Correspondence Networkpdf
Fully-Convolutional Networkspdf
End-to-end Egocentric Hand Tracking for Virtual Reality pdf
Fine-grained Flower Classificationpdf
Human Pose Estimation for Multiple Framespdf