EE359, Wireless Communications, Winter 2020


Submission Guidelines

  • Homework is due by 4pm on Friday.

  • Homework may be submitted either:

    • In the drop box outside Packard 365 labeled EE359

    • Via Canvas.

  • Grades can be accessed on Canvas.

  • SCPD students can submit their homework via Canvas.

  • 2 extra credit “make your own” questions (with solutions) can be submitted over course of the quarter for 25 bonus points each: 1 related to pre-MT material and 1 post-MT.

  • The problem numbers in the homework, if any, refer to the corresponding numbers in course reader. If no number is given then the problem is not in the reader.

  • Please make reasonable assumptions (and state them clearly) if any relevant information is missing. If you believe information needed to solve the problem is missing, or have questions about what assumptions should be made, please clarify with the instructor or TA.

  • Please check the website periodically for (possible) corrections to posted homeworks. To incentivize scrutiny of homework problems, extra points are given for being the first to post critical errors, omissions or typos on piazza (+10 pts).

  • Your answers must show appropriate work. Please submit all the scripts you have used in coding questions.

  • Late submissions will be docked 33% (till Monday 9 AM) and 66% (till Monday 4 PM); submissions will not be accepted after that. Your lowest scoring homework will be dropped while computing your grade.