arun g. chandrasekhar

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themes. [social learning] [signaling and reputation] [statistics] [health] [informal markets]

i am a professor at the economics department at stanford university.

you can reach me at arungc [at] stanford [dot] edu.

recent working papers

robustly estimating heterogeneity in factorial data using rashomon partitions (with aparajithan venkateswaran, anirudh sankar, and tyler mccormick) [resubmitted to journal of the royal statistical society series b: statistical methodology]

model-based inference and experimental design for interference using partial network data (with steve wilkins reeves, shane lubold, and tyler mccormick)

non-robustness of diffusion estimates on networks with measurement error (with paul goldsmith-pinkham, tyler mccormick, samuel thau, and jerry wei)

general covariance-based conditions for central limit theorems with dependent triangular arrays (with matthew o. jackson, tyler mccormick, and vydhourie thiyageswaran)

can a trusted messenger change behavior when information is plentiful? evidence from the first months of the covid-19 pandemic in west bengal (with abhijit banerjee, marcella alsan, emily breza, abhijit chowdhury, esther duflo, paul goldsmith-pinkham, and benjamin olken) [revision requested at the review of economics and statistics ]

blue spoon; or, sparking communication about appropriate technology use (with esther duflo, michael kremer, joao pugliese, jonathan robinson, and frank schilbach)

recent publications

a network formation model based on subgraphs (with matthew o. jackson) [forthcoming, the review of economic studies]

selecting the most effective nudge: evidence from a large-scale experiment on immunization (with abhijit banerjee, suresh dalpath, esther duflo, john floretta, matthew o. jackson, harini kannan, francine loza, anirudh sankar, anna schrimpf, and maheshwor shrestha) [forthcoming, econometrica]

changes in social network structure in response to exposure to formal credit markets (with abhijit banerjee, emily breza, esther duflo, matthew o. jackson and cynthia kinnan) the review of economic studies] (may, 2024): vol. 91 issue 3 [supplementary information]

designing effective celebrity public health messaging: results from a nationwide twitter experiment promoting vaccination in indonesia (with vivi alatas, markus mobius, benjamin olken, and cindy paladines) the economic journal (april, 2024) vol. 134 issue 659:

consistently estimating graph statistics using aggregated relational data (with emily breza, shane lubold, tyler mccormick, and mengjie pan), proceedings of the national academy of sciences: 120.21 (2023): e2207185120. [supplementary information]

identifying the latent space geometry of network models through analysis of curvature (with shane lubold and tyler mccormick), journal of the royal statistical society series b: statistical methodology: 85.2 (2023): 240-292

when less is more: experimental evidence on information delivery during india's demonetization (with abhijit banerjee, emily breza, and benjamin golub) the review of economic studies] (july, 2023):