motion-defined word

Reading is an amazing skill that many people master. Watch as a person's eyes dart across the page while they read. The precision and speed of these eye movements- planned on the fly with split-second timing- is on par with the skill of an athlete executing a sophisticated maneuver. As with sports, becoming a skilled reader is not something that everyone finds easy. For some, learning to read with moderate proficiency is a painful ordeal that requires extraordinary effort. By studying brain structure and function, I hope to understand why learning to read easy for some children and difficult for others.

Cortical regions activated by a reading task in a child's brain

My collegues Brian Wandell, Michal Ben-Shachar, Gayle Deutsch, and I have recently published a set of papers describing our recent work on reading development. See my publication list for links to these papers.

The corpus callosum in 48 children.

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