Math 230A / Stat 310A : Homeworks

Homeworks will be posted every Wednesday starting on 9/25. They are due the following Wednesday, in class or in the box on Sequoia 2nd floor.

Corrected homeworks can be picked up for the TAs or from the box on Sequoia 2nd floor.

Homework 1 Due on 10/2 Solution
Homework 2 Due on 10/9 Solution
Homework 3 Due on 10/16 Solution
Homework 4 Due on 10/23 Solution
Homework 5 Due on 11/6 Solution
Homework 6 Due on 11/13 Solution
Homework 7 Due on 11/20 Solution
Homework 8 Due on 12/4 Solution
Midterm Took place 10/25 Solution
Final Took place 12/11 Solution