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Mohammad Akbarpour

Assistant Professor of Economics
Graduate School of Business
Stanford University
Address: 655 Knight way, E251, Stanford, CA

Assistant: Odette Aranzamendez (email:


My research is on the intersection of economics and computer science and particularly focused on market design, social/economic networks, and the economics of organ markets. I teach an MBA class on the economic aspects of online marketplaces, and a PhD class on market design. In the past, I have worked on designing markets for radio spectrum auctions and advertising auctions at Auctionomics and Microsoft Research. Here is my C.V.

What's new?


  1. Credible Mechanisms, [PDF], [SSRN]
    with Shengwu Li.

  2. Diffusion, Seeding, and the Value of Network Information, [PDF], [SSRN]
    with Suraj Malladi and Amin Saberi.

  3. Thickness and Information in Dynamic Matching Markets, [SSRN]
    with Shengwu Li and Shayan Oveis Gharan.
    A quick way to learn this paper is to watch the short videos:
    Model (8mins)
    Matching and Objective (6mins)
    Designing algorithms (7mins)
    Main theorems (5mins)
    Proof ideas I (12mins)
    Proof ideas II (6mins)
    Value of information (9mins)

  4. Information Aggregation in Overlapping Generations, [SSRN]
    with Amin Saberi and Ali Shameli.

  5. Diffusion in Networks and the Unexpected Virtue of Burstiness, [PDF] [SSRN]
    with Matthew Jackson.
    Video of the Talk at EC: Presentation

  6. Approximate Random Allocation Mechanisms, [SSRN]
    with Afshin Nikzad.

  7. Financing Transplant Costs of the Poor: A Dynamic Model of Global Kidney Exchange, [PDF]
    with Afshin Nikzad, Michael Rees, and Alvin Roth.

  8. A New Interpretation of Dictatorship with Application in Social Choice Theory, [SSRN]
    with Sam Nariman.

  9. High Probability Guarantees in Repeated Games: Theory and Applications in Information Theory, [arXiv]
    with Payam Delgosha and Amin Gohari.
    Published in Proceedings of the IEEE 105.2 (2017): 189-204.