Mohammad Akbarpour

Assistant Professor of Economics, Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Stanford University
Graduate School of Business
655 Knight way, E308
Stanford, CA, 94305.

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." - Carl Sagan

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:
I work on market(place) design and management, networked markets, and the economics of organ transplantation. I am particularly interested in "approximate economics", where we study complex economic problems by employing approximation techniques.

Working Papers

Thickness and Information in Dynamic Matching Markets (with Shengwu Li and Shayan Oveis Gharan) - Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Political Economy
- Sean Buckly memorial (best paper) award, Stanford University, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.
- Accepted for presentation in 15th ACM conference on Economics and Computations (EC'14).

A simple way to learn this paper is to watch the short videos that present the paper:

[1- Introduction, will come later]
[2- The model - 8mins]

[3- Matching and objective - 6mins]
[4- Designing simple algorithms - 7mins]
[5- Main theorems - 5mins]
[6- Proof ideas of main theorem - 12mins]
[7- Continue proof ideas - 6mins]
[8- Value of information - 9mins]

Approximate Random Allocation Mechanisms (with Afshin Nikzad)

Diffusion in Networks and the Unexpected Virtue of Burstiness (with Matthew O. Jackson)

Financing Transplants' Costs of the Poor: A Dynamic Model of Global Kidney Exchange (with Afshin Nikzad, Mike Rees, and Alvin Roth)

A New Interpretation of Dictatorship with Applications in Social Choice Theory (with Sam Nariman)

Research in Progress

Credible Mechanism Design (with Shengwu Li)


Graduate Courses

Marketplaces for Goods and Services - Spring 2017, MBA Course, (with Prof. Susan Athey), Stanford GSB

Auctions, Bargaining and Pricing - Spring 2017, PhD Course, (with Prof. Andy Skrypacz), Stanford GSB

Market Design - Spring 2016, PhD Course, (with Prof. Eric Budish), University of Chicago

Massive Open Online Courses

Game Theory (Volunteer teacher in Khan Academy (Farsi), 2012, 27 videos, 30,000+ views)

Principles of Macroeconomics (Volunteer teacher in Khan Academy (Farsi), 2012, 20 videos, 20,000+ views)

Mechanical Physics (Volunteer teacher in Khan Academy (Farsi), 2012, 110 videos, 80,000+ views)

Introductory Calculus (Volunteer teacher in Khan Academy (Farsi), 2012, 80 videos, 50,000+ views)

Sample Videos (all in Farsi): Newton's 3rd Law -- How airbags save your life? -- Greece Financial Crisis -- Most viewed video: Circular Flow of Income (5000+ views)