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Undergraduate Advising and Research

Dean: Julie Lythcott-Haims

Program Office: Sweet Hall, first floor

Phone: (650) 723-2426

Fax: (650) 725-1436

Web Site:


Appointments: (650) 723-2426

Undergraduate Advising and Research introduces students to the full intellectual richness of undergraduate study at Stanford, supports students in their academic and intellectual pursuits, and seeks to instill within them a deep sense of identity within and belonging to our community of scholars at Stanford. This means different things for different students at different times, leading to an emphasis on extended one-on-one interactions between students and advisers. The substance of these interactions flows from the scholarship and teaching of the broad intellectual community at Stanford.

The UAR staff includes professional advisors in Sweet Hall, the Athletics Academic Resource Center, and in the undergraduate residences. Freshmen are assigned to academic advisers (faculty and academic staff) according to their preliminary academic interest and residence. The professional advisers in Sweet Hall, the Athletics Academic Resource Center, and the undergraduate residences complement the role of the assigned advisers with a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum; they advise students broadly on their courses of study and long-term goals. Some freshmen receive enhanced academic support through participation in Expanded Advising Programs (EAP).

UAR functions include:

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