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Minor in Statistics

The undergraduate minor in Statistics is designed to complement major degree programs primarily in the social and natural sciences. Students with an undergraduate Statistics minor should find broadened possibilities for employment. The Statistics minor provides valued preparation for professional degree studies in postgraduate academic programs.

The minor consists of a minimum of six courses with a total of at least 20 units. There are two required courses (8 units) and four qualifying or elective courses (12 or more units). All courses for the minor must be letter graded. An overall 2.75 grade point average (GPA) is required for courses fulfilling the minor.

  1. Required Courses—STATS 116 and 200.
  2. Qualifying Courses—at most, one of these two courses may be counted toward the six course requirement for the minor: MATH 52; STATS 191.
  3. Elective Courses—at least one of the elective courses should be a STATS 200-level course. The remaining two elective courses may also be 200-level courses. Alternatively, one or two elective courses may be approved courses in other departments. Special topics courses and seminars for undergraduates are offered from time to time by the department, and these may be counted toward the course requirement. Students may not count any Statistics courses below the 100 level toward the minor. Examples of elective course sequences are:

STATS 202, 203, 204, emphasizing data analysis and applied statistics

STATS 205, 206, 207, emphasizing statistical methodology

STATS 206, ECON 160, 181, emphasizing economic optimization

STATS 206, PSYCH 156, 160, emphasizing psychology modeling and experiments

STATS 207, EE 264, 279, emphasizing signal processing

STATS 217, BIO 283, emphasizing genetic and ecologic modeling

STATS 217, 218, emphasizing probability and its applications

STATS 240, 250, emphasizing mathematical finance

The Statistics Department Chair must approve any exceptions to the list of electives.

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