Course Project


The Course Project is worth a significant portion of your grade. It offers you the chance to apply your newly acquired skills towards an in-depth project. Your project can be on any topic of your choice related to reinforcement learning. Ideal projects develop new algorithms and/or theoretical results and make good progress towards a new research contribution (e.g. that could be publishable at a conference).

We have put some suggested projects here

To inspire more ideas, consider browsing the RL publications from:

Important Dates

Grading Policy

Final Project: 32% of total grade
Milestone: 2%
write-up: 25%
poster: 5% (+2% bonus for best few posters)

Project Proposal

The project proposal should include the project team memebrs and the project mentor (someone who agrees to give you feedback). The mentor can be one of the course staff or someone external to the class. It should also include a brief overview of the proposed project and project plan that includes the following (200-400 words):

Submission: One member on your team should submit your project proposal using the google form.

Project Milestone

Your project milestone report should be between 2 - 3 pages using ICML template. The following is a suggested structure for your report:

Submission: Please upload a PDF file named <your SUNet ID>_milestone.pdf using Gradescope. Note that, each individual in a team is required to make submission (i.e. the same PDF) for grading purpose. The late days are counted by the timestamp of the last submission in the team.

Final Submission

Your final write-up should be between 6 - 8 pages using ICML template. After the class, we will post all the final reports online so that you can read about each others' work. If you do not want your writeup to be posted online, then please let us know when you submit your writeup.
You should include a brief statement on the contributions of different members of the team. Team members will normally get the same grade, but we reserve the right to differentiate in egregious cases.

Submit your final submission as instructed below:
  1. A PDF file of your final report submitted through Gradescope.
  2. A zip file with supplementary materials through our submission script. You are required to include all the code for your project in the supplementary materials.

Report. The following is a suggested structure for the report:
Supplementary Material is not counted toward your 6-8 page limit.
Examples of things to put in your supplementary material: Examples of things to not put in your supplementary material:

Collaboration Policy

You can work in teams of up to 3 people. Larger teams are expected to do larger projects and if you are doing this project to count for this and another class, we expect the project to be larger in scope. See the grading page for more details.

Honor Code

You may use any existing code, libraries, etc. and consult and any papers, books, online references, etc. for your project. However, you must cite your sources in your writeup and clearly indicate which parts of the project are your contribution and which parts were implemented by others. Under no circumstances may you look at another group’s code or incorporate their code into your project.

If you are doing this project jointly with another class, you must inform us and the other instructors, specify if the are other partners that are not in CS234 that you are working with and also be able to describe the aspects of the project that are relevant to CS234.

The format and guidelines in this page are largely drawn from the project page of CS231n.