Stanford University EE380
Computer Systems Colloquium Schedule
Spring 2012-2013

Welcome to the STANFORD EE COMPUTER SYSTEMS COLLOQUIUM (SUMMER EDITION), also known as "Summer Reruns". Enrolled students may take the Colloquium for credit. Anyone can view any of the lectures. The lectures treat subjects at the graduate level although advanced undergraduates often take the Colloquium. There will be no live class meetings.

The CSL Colloquium course consists of self-selected and self-paced series of ten video lectures from the past three quarters of live presentations augmented by additional video lectures from past years. All the lectures shown in the listing below can be viewed over the web. In general, you will need a version of Windows Media Player for it all to work, but people successfully view the lectures using a MAC or Linux although sometimes that requires a bit of fussing with the system. The lecture list below identifies the available pool of lectures by speaker and title. The date shown is that of the original presentation.

The Colloquium (EE380) is offered as a one unit class, with a S/NC. To receive credit in the Colloquium (assuming you are an enrolled student), select ten lectures, view each of the lectures over the web by clicking on the video camera icon, then submit a short commentary about the lecture by clicking on the thumbs-up thumbs-down icons, completing the web form, and submitting it. After you've viewed all ten lectures, fill out a class evaluation form (look for the blinking red arrow on the schedule page). The final deadline for assignments is August 17, 2013.

Some Colloquium talks are also distributed on iTunes and YouTube. If you are having trouble viewing the videos on your platform of choice, try the YouTube version.

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Jun 5, 2013Joshua R. Smith
University of Washington
Wireless Power Transfer and RF Energy Harvesting: New Options for System Designers
May 29, 2013Ivan Godard
Out-of-the-Box Computing
Drinking from the firehose: How the Mill CPU decodes 30+ instructions per cycle
May 22, 2013Chris Hallenbeck and Richard Pledereder
Real-Time Computing
May 15, 2013Scott Shenker
UC Berkeley and ICSI
Computer Science Department Distinguished Computer Scientist Lecture
Software-Defined Networking at the Crossroads
May 8, 2013Drew Endy
Stanford University
Building computers from bacteriophage
data, communication, logic with biological cells
May 1, 2013Frederic Filloux
Monday Note
Fixing media's business model
Apr 24, 2013Bram Cohen
BitTorrent Live: A Low Latency Live P2P Video Streaming Protocol
Apr 17, 2013Barry Hughes
Pardee Center for International Futures
University of Denver
Exploring Alternative Global Futures with the International Futures (IFs) Forecasting System
Apr 10, 2013Rick Rashid
Chief Research Officer,
Microsoft Research
Microsoft Research and The Evolution of Computing
Apr 3, 2013Ed Lu
B612 Foundation
Predicting and Preventing Asteroid Impacts
The B612 Foundation Sentinel Space Telescope
Mar 13, 2013Kevin Knight, USC/ISI
Sravana Reddy, Dartmouth
What We Know About the Voynich Manuscript
Mar 6, 2013Brandon Badger
Niantic Labs @ Google
Ingress -- a massively multiplayer geo game
Feb 27, 2013Wen-mei Hwu
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and MulticoreWare, Inc.
Why are GPUs so hard to program - or are they?
Feb 20, 2013David Fifield
Stanford University, Tor Project
Javascript anticensorship proxies
Feb 13, 2013Lee Felsenstein
The Fonly Institute
Makers, Hackers and the Personal Computer Revolution
Feb 6, 2013Jeremy Bailenson
Infinite Reality: Avatars, Eternal Life, New Worlds, and the Dawn of the Virtual Revolution
Jan 30, 2013Costa Sapuntzakis
Pure Storage
The Why and How of an All-Flash Enterprise Storage Array
Jan 23, 2013Rahul Rajan, Ted Selker
CMU West
Considerate Audio MEdiating Oracle (CAMEO): Improving teleconference calls
Jan 16, 2013Russ Taylor
Johns Hopkins University
Computer Science Department Distinguished Computer Scientist Lecture
Medical Robotics and Computer Integrated Interventional Medicine
Jan 9, 2013Oskar Mencer and Stephen P. Weston
Maxeler Technologies
Multiscale Dataflow Computing: The Vertical Perspective
Dec 5, 2012Harry Shum
Computer Science Department Distinguished Computer Scientist Lecture
Bing Dialog Model: Intent, Knowledge, and Interaction
Nov 28, 2012Ken Salisbury
Stanford University
Haptic Systems: Hardware and Sofware
Nov 14, 2012Peter Norvig
Online Education: One Year Later
Nov 7, 2012Steve Teig
Going Beyond the FPGA with Spacetime
Oct 31, 2012Rhiju Das
Stanford University
EteRNA: RNA nanoengineering through crowd science

Oct 24, 2012Richard Palmer
Juniper Networks
Cloud Computing's Impact on Network Design
Oct 17, 2012Geoff Pike
CityHash: fast hash functions for strings
Oct 10, 2012Steve Yegge
Grok: Large-scale, cross-language source analysis at Google
Oct 3, 2012Marcus Covert
Stanford University
A Whole-Cell Computational Model Predicts Prototype Phenotype from Genotype
Sep 26, 2012Robert Clapp
Stanford University
High Performance Computing in the Oil Industry
Jun 6, 2012Carl Hewitt
International Society for Inconsistency Robustness
Health Information Systems Technologies
May 30, 2012Johan Pouwelse
Delft University of Technology
Tribler: 4th generation peer-to-peer technology
May 23, 2012Paul Buchheit
The future of venture capital and high-tech entrepreneurship
May 16, 2012David Dill
Model Checking Cell Biology
May 9, 2012Kurt Akeley
A different perspective on the Lytro light field camera
May 2, 2012Jack Copeland
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Turing: Pioneer of the Information Age
Apr 25, 2012Christos Papadimitriou
UC Berkeley
Computational Insights and The Theory of Evolution
Apr 11, 2012Joe Marasco
Bayes, Medical Diagnostics, and Nomograms
Apr 4, 2012Drew Endy
Bioengineering, Stanford
Let's make biology easier to engineer
Mar 14, 2012Kevin Rowett, Jon Bennett
Violin Memory
"I don't need that much performance" and other fables from the world of storage
Mar 7, 2012Joichi Ito
Director, MIT Media Lab
Innovation in Open Networks and the MIT Media Lab
Feb 29, 2012Jeff Bezanson
Julia: A Fast Dynamic Language For Technical Computing
Feb 22, 2012Kevin Modzelewski
How we've scaled Dropbox
Feb 15, 2012Amir Michael
Facebook's Open Compute Project
Feb 8, 2012Whitfield Diffie
Revere Security
Hummingbird: A rotor-machine for the 21st Century
Feb 1, 2012Stephen Wolfram
Wolfram Research
Science, Mathematica, and the Making of Wolfram|Alpha
Jan 25, 2012Parker Higgins
EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
The Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act
dangerous legislation and how the Internet fought back
Jan 18, 2012Kriss Hammond
Narrative Science
Generating Stories from Data: Bridging the Gap between Numbers and Knowing
Jan 11, 2012Stefan Savage
UC San Diego
Looking before you leap: the argument for data-driven security
Dec 7, 2011Shree Nayar
Columbia University
Pushing the Limits of Computational Imaging
Nov 30, 2011Karen Gettman
Pearson to Person: Social Networking in the Enterprise
Nov 16, 2011Amr Awadallah
Introducing Apache Hadoop: The Modern Data Operating System
Nov 9, 2011R. Stanley Williams
HP Labs
Finding the Missing Memristor
Nov 2, 2011Gilad Bracha
A Walk on the Dart Side: A Quick Tour of Dart
Oct 26, 2011Pat Helland
Two Short Talks: Cosmos & Condos and Clouds
Oct 19, 2011John P. Weyant
MS&E, Stanford
Integrated Assessment of Climate Change
dealing With massive Complexity and Uncertainty
Oct 12, 2011Joe Weiss
Applied Control Solutions
Control System Cyber Security -- State of the State
Oct 5, 2011Partha Ranganathan
Green clouds and black swans: rethinking data-centric data center designs
Sep 28, 2011Mike Daniels
Pioneering the Application of Information Technology for a Smarter Planet
Jun 1, 2011Martin Odersky
Future-proofing Scala collections: From mutable to persistent to parallel
May 25, 2011Pam Samuelson
law school
UC Berkeley
Why the Google Book Settlement Failed and What's Next?
May 18, 2011Shriram Krishnamurthi
Brown University
Reactive Functional Programming
From Models to Classrooms
May 11, 2011Peter Richards and Stephen P. Weston
JP Morgan
Technology in banking - facing the challenges of scale and complexity: Acceleration, Speed, and Other Derivatives
May 4, 2011Slava Akhmechet
Modifying traditional B_ Trees for optimal performance on arbitrary storage media
Apr 27, 2011Subhasish Mitra
Carbon Nanotube Imperfection-Immune Digital VLSI
Apr 20, 2011Barbara Liskov
The Power of Abstraction
Apr 13, 2011James Bessen
Boston University School of Law
Research on Innovation
The Future of Software Patents
Apr 6, 2011Lewis Hyde
Kenyon College & Harvard Center for the Internet and Society
Framing Intellectual Property
Video access limited to Stanford Students and Faculty
Mar 30, 2011Victor W. Lee
Parallel Computing: Its opportuniies and challenges
Mar 9, 2011James Gosling
The Process of Innovation
Mar 2, 2011Armin Rigo
University of Düssedorf
Python in Python: The PyPy System
Feb 23, 2011Peter Seitz
Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique
How we wanted to revolutionize X-ray radiography--and how we then accidentally discovered single-photon CMOS imaging.
Feb 16, 2011Jon Kleinberg
Cornell University
Computational Perspectives on Social Phenomena in On-Line Networks
Feb 9, 2011Matthew Might
University of Utah
Parsing with Derivatives
(Yacc is dead)
Feb 2, 2011Paul Rothemund
Beyond Watson and Crick: Recent advances in the use of DNA as a building material
Jan 26, 2011Salman Khan
The Khan Academy
Using Technology to Rethink and Reimplement How We Teach and Learn
Jan 19, 2011Milton Chen
Design of Video Collaboration, Video Town Halls and a Distributed Social Network for Humanitarian Environments
Jan 12, 2011Carl Hewitt
How to Program the Many Cores for Inconsistency Robustness
Dec 1, 2010Marc-david Cohen
Archimedies Inc.
Progress in Simulating Clinical Trials
Nov 17, 2010William H. Janeway
Warburg Pincus
Perspectives on the Venture Capital Industry
Nov 10, 2010Jeffrey Dean
Building Software Systems at Google and Lessons Learned
Nov 3, 2010Alexander Stepanov
Paul McJones
Elements of Programming
Oct 27, 2010Prashant R. Chandra
Senior Principal Engineer
Intel Labs
Intel Light Peak
To view this video you must have a SUNet ID
Oct 20, 2010Emmanuel Candes
Stanford University
Compressive Sensing
Oct 13, 2010Doug Crockford
Oct 6, 2010Craig Reynolds
Sony Computer Entertainment
Interactive Evolution of Camouflage
Sep 29, 2010Mario Tokoro
President and CEO
Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
Challenge to Open Systems Problems
Sep 22, 2010Gary Lauterbach
Sea Micro
Architectural tradeoffs in the Sea Micro SM 10000 Server
May 26, 2010John Hennessy
President, Stanford University
The Future of Research Universities
May 19, 2010Carl Taussig
HP Labs
Enabling Paper-Like Displays
Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Display Backplanes
May 12, 2010Marc Raibert
Boston Dynamics
BigDog, the Rough-Terrain Robot
Where We've Been and Where We're Going
May 5, 2010Haiping Zhao
HipHop Compiler for PHP? Transforming PHP into C++
Apr 28, 2010Rob Pike
Another Go at Language Design
Apr 21, 2010Jeff Dozier
UC Santa Barbera
Snowmelt runoff, The Fourth Paradigm, and the end of stationarity
Apr 14, 2010John Ousterhout
Computer Science
RAMCloud: Scalable High-Performance Storage Entirely in DRAM
Apr 7, 2010Giodo Jouret
CTO Emerging Technology Group, Cisco
Smart endpoints vs. smart networks, a video case study, and Cisco's Medianet Initiative
Mar 31, 2010Venkat Rangan
Qualcomm Incorporated
Qualcomm R&D Project Neo--Biologically Inspired Machine Learning
Mar 10, 2010Roberto Ierusalimschy
Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janro
Small is Beautiful: the Design of Lua
Mar 3, 2010Stuart Kauffman
Tampere University of Technology and University of Vermont
Economic Webs and the Evolution of Wealth
Feb 24, 2010Hal Whitehead
Dalhousie University
Nova Scotia, Canada
The rise and fall of cultures: modelling the evolution of cultural capacity, and the consequent collapse of populations
Feb 17, 2010Glenn Hinton
Intel Corporation
Intel's Nehalem Microarchitecture
Feb 10, 2010David Salesin
Computational Aesthetics & Adobe's Creative Technologies Laboratory
Drawing upon Artistic Tradition to Enhance Communication and Adorn Modern Life
Feb 3, 2010Anant Agarwal
Realizing a Power Efficient, Easy to Program Many Core: The Tile Processor
Jan 27, 2010Matt Fuchs
Paideia Computing
The Discrete Event Calculus as a Programming Language for Games and Other (Soft) Real Time Processes
Jan 20, 2010Brewster Kahle
A Future for Books: Bookserver
Jan 13, 2010Bruce Damer
Digital Space
The EvoGrid: Simulating The Origin of Life
Jan 6, 2010Tom Forsyth
Intel Corporation
The Challenge of Larabee as a GPU
Dec 2, 2009Jart Armin and Andrew Martin
Open source security research -- An Overview of Suspicious Hosting Providers and Malicious File Inclusion
Nov 18, 2009Amin Vahdat
UC San Diego
Portland: Scaling Data Center Networks to 100,000 Ports and Beyond
Nov 11, 2009Paul Borrill
Rethinking Time in Distributed Systems
How can we build complex systems simply?
Nov 4, 2009Anwar Ghuloum
Intel Corporation
Starting a Productivity Revolution in Parallel Computation
Oct 28, 2009Roger Hine
Liquid Robotics
Wave Glider: An autonomous wave-powered sensor platform for ocean observation
Oct 21, 2009Bianca Schroeder
University of Toronto, Computer Science
DRAM errors in the wild: A large-scale field study
Oct 14, 2009Susan Weininger
Molecular Lock Corporation
Construction of de novo biological process control circuits: parts and engineering principles
Sep 30, 2009David Ungar
IBM Research
Self and self: whys and wherefores
Sep 23, 2009Bob Frankston
Ambient Connectivity
Jun 3, 2009Andreas Terzis
Johns Hopkins University
Elements of a wireless sensor architecture
May 27, 2009John Sosoka
Vita Robotica (past CTO of Ubobe Lifeforms)
The Rise and Fall of a Companion Robot
Lessons Learned from Pleo
May 20, 2009Bob Metcalfe
Internet Lessons for Solving Energy
May 13, 2009Mike Flynn
Maxeler (and Stanford emeritis)
Accelerating computation with FPGAs with a seismic data processing example
May 6, 2009Volker Strumpen
IBM Austin Research Laboratory
The Spiral Cache: A self-organizing memory architecture
Apr 29, 2009Eric Weinstein
Systems Architecture, Kabuki Capitalism, and the Economic Manhattan Project
Apr 22, 2009Jim Morris
CMU West
Can Hi-tech hitchhiking work?
Apr 15, 2009Chris Grier
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
The Gazelle Browser
Apr 8, 2009Michael C. Mace
Principal, Rubicon Consulting
App stores and software ecosystems
Apr 1, 2009Trevor Blackwell
Learning in Humans and Robots
Mar 11, 2009Tim Roughgarden
Stanford Computer Science
Algorithmic Game Theory
Two Vignettes
Mar 4, 2009Bill McKeeman
Mathworks and Dartmouth College
Executable Grammars: Seeking the minimal extensible self-compiling compiler
Feb 25, 2009Daniel Kreiss
Department of Communications
Stanford University
Developing the Good Citizen: Digital artifacts, peer networks, and formal organizations in contemporary political campaigning
Feb 18, 2009John Koza
Consulting Professor
Stanford University
Automated Design of Analog Circuits, Optical Systems, Controllers, Antennas, Quantum Computers, Mechanical Systems, and Other Complex Structures Using Darwinian Evolution and Genetic Programming
Feb 11, 2009Barbara Simons
Election Assistance Commission (Advisory Board)
ACM (Past President)
Voting Machines & Audits
It Ain't how your Grandparents Voted
Jan 28, 2009Andy Rappaport
August Capital
Semiconductor Value in the Post-Fabless Era
Jan 21, 2009Todd C. Mowry
CMU (visiting at Stanford)
Pario: the Next Step Beyond Audio and Video
Jan 14, 2009Richard L. Sites
Google, Inc.
Statistical Language Detection in Web Pages
Jan 7, 2009Robert B. Laughlin
Physics, Stanford University
The Crime of Reason
Dec 3, 2008Serge Saxonov and Alexander Wong
Inventing Personal Genomics: Behind the Scenes at 23andMe
Nov 19, 2008Tim O'Reilly
O'Reilly Media
Watching the Alpha Geeks: What Hackers and Enthusiasts Tell Us About the Shape of the Future
Nov 12, 2008Al Fazio
Intel Fellow
Director, Memory Technology Development
Intel Corporation
Future Computer Memory
Nov 5, 2008Guido van Rossum
Google App Engine
Run your web application on Google's infrastructure
Oct 29, 2008Chuck House
Stanford Media X and HSTAR
Exploring Synergy with Industry: Media X research at Stanford
Oct 22, 2008Carl Hewitt
MIT EECS (Emeritis)
Scalable Privacy-Friendly Client Cloud Computing: a gathering Perfect Disruption
Oct 15, 2008Jane McGonigal
Institute for the Future
How to invent the future by playing online games:    The SuperStruct Game
Oct 8, 2008Ted Selker
Media Lab, MIT
Excubate: A new model of new technology business development
Oct 1, 2008Richard Kaufmann
Issues in Mainstream Clusters
Sep 24, 2008Jonathan Appavoo
Towards a Global Scale Public Computer
Jun 4, 2008Chuck Moore
The Role of Accelerated Computing in the Multi-Core Era
May 28, 2008Panel Discussion
The Search for Jim Gray

May 21, 2008Charles Tahan
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Spookytechnology and Society: The progress and implications of quantum information science and technology
May 7, 2008Steve Yegge
Dynamic Languages Strike Back: Addressing the tools and performance issues head-on
Apr 30, 2008Adam L. Beberg
Computer Science Department
Stanford University
Distributed Systems: Computation With a Million Friends (and a Few Foes)
Apr 23, 2008Werner Vogels
A Head in the Cloud: The Power of Infrastructure as a Service
Apr 16, 2008Jonathan Bachrach
Spatial Computing in Proto
Apr 9, 2008Randy Breen
Demonstration of Brain Computer Interface using the Emotiv Epoc
Apr 2, 2008Janak H. Patel
HP Laboratories and Stanford University (visiting)
on Sabbatical Leave from the University of Illinois
CMOS Process Variations:
A "Critical Operation Point" hypothesis
Mar 12, 2008Charles Reis
University of Washington
Building a Safer Web: Web Tripwires and A New Browser Architecture
Feb 27, 2008John Nickolls
Scalable parallel programming with CUDA on manycore GPUs.
Feb 20, 2008Nick Tredennick
Gilder Publishing
Computing in Transistion
Feb 13, 2008Johnny Chung Lee
CS Department, Carnegie Mellon University
Interaction Techniques Using the Wii Remote
Feb 6, 2008Charles Simonyi
Intentional Software Corporation
Program representation using a domain workbench
Jan 30, 2008Zhenan Bao
Chemical Engineering, Stanford
Organic Thin Film Flexible Electronics
Jan 23, 2008Jim Tørresen
University of Oslo, Norway
Adapting Systems by Evolving Hardware
Jan 16, 2008Dan Ingalls
SUN Microsystems
The Lively Kernel: A Self-Supporting System on a Web Page
Jan 9, 2008Vint Cerf
Tracking The Internet into the 21-st Century
Dec 5, 2007Rob Semper
San Francisco The Exploratorium
Science communication, science literacy and public support: new models in place of old thoughts
Nov 28, 2007Richard Miner
Android: Building a Mobile Platform to Change the Industry
Nov 14, 2007Robert M. Lefkowitz
On the Road to Computer Literacy
Nov 7, 2007Renee James and Wei Li
Intel Corporation
Parallel Programming 2.0
Oct 31, 2007Randy Allen
Catalytic Inc
The Challenges of Implementing Matlab(R)
Oct 24, 2007Steve Omohundro
Self-Aware Systems
Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Computation
Oct 17, 2007Matthias Kaiser
SAP Research
From monoliths to molecules
and how they can "put Humpty dumpty together again"
Oct 10, 2007Dirk Riehle
SAP Research
Open Source Research
Analytics, Economics, and Best Practices
Oct 3, 2007Bill Thies
Programmable Microfluidics
Sep 26, 2007Matthew Papakipos
The PeakStream Platform for Many-Core Computing
Jun 6, 2007Rick Wesson
Botnets: Anticipating Failure
May 30, 2007Raj Amirtharajah
University of California, Davis
Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensors
May 23, 2007Ian Goldberg
University of Waterloo
Off-the-Record Messaging: Useful Security and Privacy for IM
May 16, 2007Peter Mattson
Stream Processors,Inc.
Stream Programming: Multicore Made Practical
May 9, 2007Catherine H. Crawford
IBM Systems & Technology Group
Chief Architect
Next Generation Systems Software
Multi-core, Multiprocessor, and Memory Hierarchies: An Application Developer's View of Next Generation Systems Enablement
May 2, 2007Maurice Herlihy
Brown University
Taking Concurrency Seriously: New Directions in Multiprocessor Synchronization
Apr 25, 2007Irving Wladawsky-Berger
VP, Technical Strategy and Innovation
IT-based Innovation in the 21st Century
Apr 18, 2007Jerry Feldman, ICSI; Todd Davies, Stanford
Software Not Provided:
Challenges, Experience, and Opportunities in Supporting Communities and Democracy
Apr 4, 2007Mark Pinto
Applied Materials, New Business and New Products Group, including Solar Business Group
Nanomanufacturing Technologies: Extending the Silicon Roadmap and Enabling New Applications
Mar 14, 2007Bin Zhang
HP Labs
A New Balancing Method for Solving Parametric Maximum Flow Problems
Mar 7, 2007Phillip Zimmermann
VoIP encryption in a surveillance society
Feb 28, 2007Alan Huang
An Ultrafast Optical Digital Technology
Smart Light
Feb 21, 2007Cliff Click
Azul Systems
A Fast Wait-Free Hash Table
and (time permitting)
Scaling Up a Real Application on Azul
Feb 14, 2007Ian Piumarta
Viewpoints Research Institute
Building your own dynamic language is fun and easy!
First steps on the road to reinventing computing
Feb 7, 2007Fabian Klass
Design for Yield / Design for Manufacturing
Jan 31, 2007Dave Patterson
UC Berkeley
Computer Architecture is Back:
The Berkeley View of the Parallel Computing Research Landscape "
Jan 24, 2007Kristin McDonnell
LimeLife, Inc
Expanding the Mobile Consumer Software Market: Lifestyle, Games, Wallpaper, and Text Messaging
Jan 17, 2007Philip Levis
Stanford University
What the Second Generation Holds
Jan 10, 2007Anoop Gupta
Corporate Vice President
United Communications Group
Microsoft Corporation
The United Communication Transformation
Dec 6, 2006Rick Reitmaier
Adobe Systems
Flash Player ActionScript Virtual Machine (Tamarin)
Nov 29, 2006Ian Buck
Computing on the GPU
GE Force 88000 and NVIDIA CUDA
Nov 15, 2006Richard Chuang
Pacific Data Images ("PDI")/DreamWorks
25 Years at PDI
Nov 8, 2006Kevin Hayes
Atheros Communications
The Need, Evolution, and Detail of WLAN Security
Nov 1, 2006William Dally
Stanford Streaming Supercomputer (Merrimac), Sequoia Programming Language, and Imagine project links
Stream Computing - Efficient Computing in the Many-Core Era
Oct 25, 2006Jayadev "Jay" Misra
University of Texas at Austin
A Structured Orchestration Language
Oct 18, 2006Dror Baron
Rice University
Measurements vs. Bits: Compressed Sensors meets Information Theory
Oct 11, 2006David E. Shaw
D E Shaw Research and Development &
Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Columbia University
New Architectures for a New Biology
Oct 4, 2006Mark J. Foster
OLPC (One Laptop Per Child)
One Laptop Per Child
Sep 27, 2006Norm Jouppi
HP Laboratories
The future evolution of high-performance microprocessors
Jun 7, 2006Pat Gelsinger
Senior Vice President
Digital Enterprise Group
Intel Corporation
Into the Core ...
May 31, 2006Mary Baker
Saving Bits Forever
A Systems View of Long-Term Digital Storage
May 24, 2006John Mitchell
TRUST project
NSF Center for Research in Security and Privacy
Network Protocol Security
Analysis methods and protocol standards
May 17, 2006Dan Farmer
Elemental Security
From Bits to Business
May 10, 2006Andreas Bechtolsheim
SUN Microsystems
High Performance Compute Clusters
May 3, 2006Christopher Stolte and Jock Mackinlay
Tableau Software
VizQL: A language for query, analysis, and visualization
Apr 26, 2006Michelle Wallig and Leslie Leland
Inside the Xbox 360 Platform: What Information Do You Need to Build Games?
Apr 19, 2006Greg Turetzky
SiRF Technology
The Future of Location
Apr 12, 2006Geordie Rose
So you've built a quantum what?
Apr 5, 2006David Lawrence
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Climate Change Research and Terrestial Science Section
A Global Climate Model Projection of Severe Degradation of Near-Surface Permafrost: Potential Feedbacks on Climate
Mar 15, 2006Steven M. Bellovin
Columbia University
Permissive Action Links, Nuclear Weapons, and the History of Public Key Cryptography
Mar 8, 2006Matt Blaze
University of Pennsylvania
Signaling Vulnerabilities in Law-Enforcement Wiretap Systems
Mar 1, 2006Marc Levoy
Computer Graphics
Stanford University
Light field photography and videography
Feb 22, 2006H. Peter Hofstee
Cell Broadband Engine Processor and Applications
Feb 15, 2006Daniel Clancy
Google Book Search -- Making off-line content fully searchable on the web
Feb 8, 2006Dr. Rose Ray
Is it a Baby or a Bathtub? How Many Fish?
Two Studies in Applied Computing.
Feb 1, 2006Christopher Payne
Corporate VP of Search
Microsoft Corporation
Search at Microsoft
Jan 25, 2006Simon Crosby
Xen: The Art of Open Source Virtualization
Inside the Xen Hypervisor
Jan 18, 2006Andy Rubin
A Smart Camera Platform
Lessons Learned from Sand Hill Road
Jan 11, 2006Michael Woodacre
Towards Multi-Paradigm Computing at SGI
Dec 7, 2005Martin Roscheisen
The engineering road to cost-efficient solar energy
Nov 30, 2005Red Byer
Mobius Photonics
Cross Pollination and Design Innovation
Nov 16, 2005Michel Pelletier
Open Source Evangelist & Senior Consultant @ CIGNEX Technologies
The Zope Component Architecture
Nov 9, 2005Matt Pharr
The Quiet Revolution in Interactive Rendering
Nov 2, 2005John McCarthy
Professor (emeritus)
Computer Science
Stanford University
The logical road to human level AI
Oct 26, 2005Hans Reiser
The Reiser4 Filesystem:
Ways In Which Extra Rigor In Scientific Methodology Can Consume Years Of Your Life, And How The Result Can Be So Very Worthwhile
Oct 19, 2005Dan Gillmor
We the Media: The Rise of Open-Source, Grassroots Journalism
Oct 12, 2005Windsor Hsu
IBM Almaden Research Laboratory
Fossilization™ of Electronic Records
Oct 5, 2005Ken Owens
Humbolt State University
The Development and Marketing of a JAVA Based System for Navigating and Mapping the Activities of Landmine Clearing Robots
Sep 28, 2005Ricardo Gonzalez
Stretch, Inc.
A Software Configurable Processor
Jun 1, 2005Peter Beerel
EE Systems, University of Southern California
High-Speed Asynchronous Standard-Cell Design using Single-Track Full Buffers
May 25, 2005Winfried Wilcke
IBM Almaden Research Laboratory
IceCube--Petabytes and beyond
May 18, 2005Jeri Ellsworth
Freelance Developer
CommodoreOne remake of the 1980's Commodore 64
May 11, 2005Kris Pister, Founder and CTO
Dust Networks
Wireless Sensor Networks
May 4, 2005Bill Campbell, Chairman, Intuit
Danny Shader, CEO, Good Technology
Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Program
shared session -- Alternate time and location
4:30pm-5:30pm at Terman Auditorium
Apr 27, 2005Udi Manber
An Company
Improving User Experience in Search
Apr 20, 2005Ritu Shrivastava
VP of Technology, Zettacore
Zettacore Molecular Memory Technology
Apr 13, 2005Peter Swire
Moritz College of Law, Ohio State
Model for When Disclosure Helps Security
What is Different About Computer and Network Security
Apr 6, 2005Hermann Maurer
Dean, Faculty of Computer Science, Graz Univeristy of Technology
Can we avoid catastrophic failures of computer networks?
Mar 30, 2005Ian Young
Intel Corporation
Design of Clock Distribution in High Performande Processors
Clocking Circuit Design from Digital Logic
Mar 9, 2005Jean Carlson
UCSB (Physics)
Complexity and Robustness
Mar 2, 2005Kelin Kuhn
Intel Corporation
Transistor Scaling and its Impact on Analog/RF Device Performance
Feb 23, 2005Jane McGonigal
UC Berkeley
42 Entertainment
Ludic Networking and Massively Collaborative Play
Feb 16, 2005Bram Cohen
Under the hood of BitTorrent
Feb 9, 2005Peter Fromherz
Max Planck Institute
Joining Ionics and Electronics
Semiconductor Chips with Ion Channels, Nerve Cells and Brain Tissue
Feb 2, 2005Tom Edsall
Storage Area Networks
Jan 26, 2005Edward Fredkin
Carnegie Mellon University (East and West)
Fifty Years of Hacks
Jan 19, 2005Timothy "Mothy" Roscoe
Intel Research
PlanetLab Design Principles and Experiences
Jan 12, 2005Paul Maglio
IBM Almaden Research Center
Service Science: An Approach to Increasing Service Innovation and Work System Productivity
Jan 5, 2005Steven N. Ward
Research Geophysicist, Earth Sciences
Theoretical Seismology and Geophysics
UC Santa Cruz
Tsunami--Earthquakes, Landslides, and Asteroids
Dec 1, 2004Jim Fruchterman
Martus: Human Rights Technology
Nov 24, 2004John Koza
Consulting Professor, Stanford
Routine Human-Competitive Machine Intelligence
Nov 17, 2004Warren Packard
Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Nanotechnology:A Technology and Business Perspective from the Venture Capital World
Nov 10, 2004Dennis Tsichritzis
Fraunhofer Institute (Germany)
If we lose the applications, we will lose the war
Nov 3, 2004Margaret Burnett
Oregon State University
EUSES - End Users Shaping Effective Software
End-user software engineering
Oct 27, 2004Burton Richter
Stanford Linear Accelerator
Science and Technology Policy II
Oct 20, 2004E. Floyd Kvamme
Partner Emeritus
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Science and Technology Policy I
Oct 13, 2004Raymond Boute
INTEC, Gent University, Belgium
Making CS and classical EE meet: unification by formalism
Oct 6, 2004Bruce Lindsay
IBM Almaden Research Center
Peer-to-Peer Database Replication: Convergence Despite Conflicts
Sep 29, 2004Ann McCormick
Learning Friends
Powerful e-Learning Worlds
May 5, 2004Tamara Munzner
University of British Columbia
Scalable Visual Comparion of Biological Trees and Sequences
Apr 28, 2004Oskar Mencer
Imperial College and Maxeler Technologies
Flexible Number Representations for Computing with FPGAs
Apr 21, 2004Vern Paxson
International Computer Science Institute
Center for Internet Research
The Threat of Internet Worms
Apr 14, 2004Gerard Holzmann
JPL (Nasa) and Cal Tech
Model-driven Software Verification
Mar 31, 2004Mark Seager
Advanced Simulation and Computing Program
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
petaFLOPS/s systems and changing the nature of Science
How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the petaFLOPS/s
Mar 10, 2004Daniel Robbins
Gentoo and You
Mar 3, 2004Matthew Szulik
President and CEO
Open for Change
Feb 25, 2004Parham Aarabi
University of Toronto
Artificial Perception Laboratory
Multi-Microphone Speech Processing, or Why Two Ears Are Better Than One
Feb 18, 2004Bob Colwell
Things CPU Architects Need To Think About
Jan 28, 2004Ron Kimmel
CS Department, Technion
3D Face Recognition
The Ultimate Biometric Lock
Jan 21, 2004Richard Marks
Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D (PlayStation)
Manager, Special Projects
EyeToy: A New Interface for Interactive Entertainment
Jan 14, 2004Norm Jouppi
HP Labs
BiReality: Mutually-Immersive Mobile Telepresence
Jan 7, 2004Kevin McGrath
The AMD Opteron Microcomputer
A Compatible Bridge Between 32- and 64-bit Computing
Nov 19, 2003John Manferdelli
General Manager, Windows Trusted Platform Infrastructures
Microsoft Corporation
Improving the Security Structure through Code Identity
Oct 29, 2003Guido van Rossum
Elemental Security and
  What's New in Python
Not your usual list of new features
Oct 22, 2003Andy Rappaport
August Capital
Wireless Communication in a Post-Spectral World
Oct 8, 2003David Dill
Stanford University
The Voting Machine War
The Battle for Accountability in Election Systems
Oct 1, 2003Paul Vixie
Internet Software Consortium
dns typosquatting: method, effects, counteraction
Sep 24, 2003John Nagle
Team Overbot
200 miles across the desert. 10 hours. No driver.
Jun 4, 2003Doug Lenat
Computers versus Common Sense: An Engineering Approach to AI
May 21, 2003Ashley Rindsberg and Brewster Kahle
The Internet Archive
The Internet Bookmobile: Public Access to Publishing
May 14, 2003Urs Hlzle
Fellow, Google
Use the "Hoelzle" spelling for reporting.
Finding needles in a terabyte haystack: How Google searches the web
May 7, 2003Christopher Manning
Stanford University
Natural Lanaguage Processing
Apr 30, 2003Bill Cheswick
Internet Security:
An Optimist Gropes for Hope
Apr 9, 2003Eric Blossom
Blossom Research
Free software and hardware for software radios
Feb 12, 2003Dr. Stephen Wolfram
Creator of Mathematica, author of A New Kind of Science, and CEO of Wolfram Research, Inc.
A New Kind of Science
Jan 29, 2003Mitch Kapor
Open Source Applications Foundation
Chandler: An (Inter)personal Information Manager
Jan 8, 2003Lee Felsenstein
The Jhai Foundation
The Pedal-Powered Internet: Wireless Village Systems in the Developing World
Dec 4, 2002Scott Collins
Mozilla and Open Source, Our Project Dynamics and Exploitable Technologies
Oct 30, 2002Jeff Bier
BDTI, Inc.
Comparing FPGAs and DSPs for Embedded Signal Processing
Oct 16, 2002Elwyn Berlekamp
UC Berkeley
Quantitative Go, And Some Other Combinatorial Games
Oct 9, 2002Stan Williams
Molecular Electronics: Defect Tolerance, Chemical Fabrication and Quantum-State Switching
Jun 5, 2002Steve Mann
University of Toronto
Intelligent Image Processing
Eyeglass-based computer vision systems based on the EyeTap principle
Apr 24, 2002Todd Proebsting
Microsoft Research
Distruptive Programming Language Technologies
Mar 6, 2002Erik Loyer
Syncopation for Programmers
Feb 13, 2002William LeFebvre
CNN Internet Technologies
CNN.COM -- Facing A World Crisis
Jan 23, 2002Andrew Rappaport
August Capital
The Post Dot-Com Golden Age: Open and Now Serving
Dec 5, 2001Andy Glew
Intel Corporation
Disclaimer: Andy will not be speaking as an Intel Representative.
Computer Architecture 2000-2025: A Retrospective
Oct 3, 2001John Hennessy
President, Stanford University
Former CSL Director
The Future of Systems Research
Apr 29, 1998ARCHIVED TALK: Jim Gray
Microsoft Research
video streamed 4/11/2007
SuperComputers from CyberBricks?