Geo tagging

I recently bookmarked GPStagr. Here are two geotag-related extensions for Firefox:

Photomap displays user contributed photos on a map.

GMiF is an third party add-on of Flickr. It will embed a Google Maps in Flickr photo page and display where the photo was taken on the maps, if the photo is geotagged.

Free seminars about the new ArcGIS 9.2 version

ESRI will soon be coming out with a new version of ArcGIS (9.2). There will be free training sessions in many U.S. cities in the next two months. For information see:
For those of you who cannot attend these sessions, there is a free virtual campus course you can take from ESRI. No registration code is needed. See Select the Course Catalog tab, then do a search for “ArcGIS 9.2″. You will see the self-study course “What’s New in ArcGIS Desktop at 9.2″. Follow the link for this course, then click “TRY IT NOW” under Course Purchase. You will need to log into your free ESRI Global Account to view this seminar.

You may also watch flash demos of ArcGIS 9.2 at: