Managing Bibliographies with EndNote and Zotero

EndNote is a commercial citation management software that allows you to store, manage, and search for bibliographic references. EndNote can help you to effectively organize and manage citations while conducting research, easily create independent bibliographies, incorporate references into word processing documents, and collect references from a variety of sources, including databases. Current version is X1.

Zotero is a free, open source extension for the Firefox browser, that enables users to collect, manage, and cite research from all types of sources from the browser. It is partly a piece of reference management software, used to manage bibliographies and references when writing essays and articles. Current version is 1.0.2.

Below is a list of pointers related to the use of Endnote and Zotero, particularly at Stanford.
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Open Source Geoportal

The Geospatial Portal Beta is built completely on Open Source Software. From the site:

It utilizes the OpenLayers mapping library.
It uses Tilecache to serve the maps (WMS), which in turn uses GeoServer as the back end (which in turn uses PostgreSQL/PostGIS).
It uses the jQuery library for Javascript effects and AJAX.
All tabular data is pulled from REST web services (JSON) dynamically via AJAX, including spatial analysis via PostGIS. No page refreshes.
Because it’s all AJAX, there’s no server side code in the application itself. There’s nothing but Javascript and HTML.

(Through slashgeo.)