LibX - Browser Plugin for Library Searches

LibX is a browser plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer that provides direct access to your library’s resources. Hundreds of so called “public editions” for different libraries are available.

The Stanford U edition adds a new toolbar with the same search options that Socrates provides. It supports off-campus access wit proxy and search in Google Scholar.

Learn more about this new Firefox plug-in at Stanford.

And here is a direct link to install LibX
Stanford University Edition Version 1.2.2

Free ESRI shapefiles and grids

The Berkeley/Penn Urban & Environmental Modeler’s Datakit is being made available as part of the URBAN & ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT 2050 PROJECT at the Institute of Urban and Regional Development (IURD) at the University of California, Berkeley under a grant from the National Science Foundation. It consists of a series of viewable and downloadable ESRI shapefiles and grids describing many of the physical, administrative, transportation, demographic, economic, land use and land cover, and environmental characteristics of the 48 contiguous United States. Continue reading