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CSLI Publications reports new developments in the study of language, information, logic, and computation. We publish books, lecture notes, monographs, technical reports, working papers, and conference proceedings. Our aim is to make new results, ideas, and approaches available as quickly as possible. See also about the research center, Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI).

Translation Now Available!
Translation: Linguistic and Philosophical Perspectives
Martin Kay

Martin Kay's Translation is concerned with the fundamental underpinnings of the titular subject. Kay argues that the primary responsibility of the translator is to the referents of words themselves. He shows how a pair of sentences that might have widely different meanings in isolation could have similar meanings in some contexts. Exploring such key subjects as how to recognize when a pair of texts might be translations of each other, Kay attempts to answer the essential question: What is translation anyway?
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Computers in Education: A Half-Century of Innovation Now Available!
Computers in Education: A Half-Century of Innovation
Patrick Suppes and Robert Smith

Described by the New York Times as a visionary “pioneer in computerized learning,” Patrick Suppes (1922–2014) and his many collaborators at Stanford University conducted research on the development, commercialization, and use of computers in education from 1963 to 2013. Computers in Education synthesizes this wealth of scholarship into a single succinct volume that highlights the profound interconnections of technology in education. By capturing the great breadth and depth of this research, this book offers an accessible introduction to Suppes's striking work.
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Jacy: An Implemented Grammar of Japanese Available Now!
Jacy: An Implemented Grammar of Japanese
Melanie Siegel, Emily M. Bender, and Francis Bond

This book describes the fundamentals of Jacy, an implementation of a Japanese head‐driven phrase structure grammar (HPSG) with many useful linguistic implications. Jacy presents sound information about the Japanese language (syntax, semantics, and pragmatics) based on implementation and tested on large quantities of data. As the grammar development was done in a multilingual environment, Jacy also showcases both multilingual concepts and differences among the languages and demonstrates the usefulness of semantic analysis in language technology applications.
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Perspectives from the Disciplines Available Now!
Perspectives from the Disciplines: Stanford Online High School
Jeffrey Scarborough and Raymond Ravaglia

In this companion volume to Bricks and Mortar, Jeffrey Scarborough and Raymond Ravaglia present a series of essays written by senior instructors and division heads at the Stanford Online High School (SOHS). Written from the perspective of the online-learning practitioner, these essays discuss in detail the challenges of teaching particular disciplines, accomplishing particular pedagogical objectives, and fostering the habits of mind characteristic of students who have received deep education in a given discipline. Perspectives from the Disciplines also examines counseling, student services, and student life viewpoints as it discusses how a truly international community has been fostered at SOHS, and how SOHS's student relationships are in many ways deeper and more intimate than those found in traditional secondary schools.
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Meaning, Creativity, and the Partial Inscrutability of the Human Mind, 2nd Edition Available Now!
Meaning, Creativity, and the Partial Inscrutability of the Human Mind, 2nd Edition
Julius Moravcsik

In the second edition, a new theory is presented that replaces the formal semanticist's singular reference with the notion of identification that singles out elements for linguistic communities so that descriptive terms can be attached to the identification without existential import. Identification in our sense brings with it also leaving as much implicit in a communication as possible. Thus identifications are contextualized. Given the indefiniteness of the contexts, an identificational use can be expanded to cover identifications in new uses.
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Readings in Japanese Natural Language Processing Available Now!
Readings in Japanese Natural Language Processing
edited by Francis Bond, Timothy Baldwin, Kentaro Inui, Shun Ishizaki, Hiroshi Nakagawa, and Akira Shimazu

Readings in Japanese Natural Language Processing surveys a wide range of texts that explore Japanese morphology and syntactic analysis, discourse, and natural language processing applications. Presenting such techniques in a manner accessible to those with little or no familiarity with Japanese, these carefully selected papers will broaden the scope of our study of Japanese linguistic phenomena, making this collection indispensable in the field.
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A Primer of Probability Logic Available Now!
A Primer of Probability Logic
Ernest W. Adams

This book is meant to be a primer, that is, an introduction, to probability logic, a subject that appears to be in its infancy.Probability logic is a subject envisioned by Hans Reichenbach and largely created by Adams. It treats conditionals as bearers of conditional probabilities and discusses an appropriate sense of validity for arguments such conditionals, as well as ordinary statements as premises.The new printing of this book makes corrections to several tables and the expansive bibliography in order to create a more complete and accurate version of the text. An ebook version is now also available.
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Acquaintance, Knowledge, and Logic: New Essays on Bertrand Russell's The Problems of Philosophy Available Now!
Acquaintance, Knowledge, and Logic: New Essays on Bertrand Russell's The Problems of Philosophy
Edited by Donovan Wishon and Bernard Linsky

Bertrand Russell, the recipient of the 1950 Nobel Prize for Literature, was one of the most distinguished, influential, and prolific philosophers of the twentieth century. Acquaintance, Knowledge, and Logic brings together ten new essays on Russell-s best-known work, The Problems of Philosophy. These essays, by some of the foremost scholars of his life and works, reexamine Russell's famous distinction between “knowledge by acquaintance” and “knowledge by description,” his developing views about our knowledge of physical reality, and his views about our knowledge of logic, mathematics, and other abstract matters. In addition, this volume includes an editors' introduction, which summarizes Russell's influential book, presents new biographical details about how and why Russell wrote it, and highlights its continued significance for contemporary philosophy.
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Foundations and Methods from Mathematics to Neuroscience: Essays Inspired by Patrick Suppes Available Now!
Foundations and Methods from Mathematics to Neuroscience: Essays Inspired by Patrick Suppes
edited by Colleen E. Crangle, Adolfo García de la Sienra, and Helen E. Longino

Patrick Suppes and his peers explore a diverse array of topics including the relationship between science and philosophy; the philosophy of physics; problems in the foundations of mathematics; theory of measurement, decision theory, and probability; the foundations of economics and political theory; psychology, language, and the philosophy of language; Suppes's most recent research in neurobiology; and the alignment (or misalignment) of method and policy.
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Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Vol. 21 Available Now!
Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Vol. 21
Edited by Seungho Nam, Heejeong Ko, and Jongho Jun

The Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference is a site for research on Japanese and Korean in a variety of areas, as well as comparative research on similarities and differences between the two languages. The papers included in this volume are from the 21st Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference, which was held at Seoul National University. The contributions include studies in syntax, semantics, phonology, prosody, psycholinguistics, dialects, discourse, functional linguistics, and the the first and second language acquisition. This volume deepens our understanding of both languages and provide a useful reference for students and scholars in these fields.
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Bricks and Mortar: The Making of a Real Education at the Stanford Online Highschool Available Now!
Bricks and Mortar: The Making of a Real Education at the Stanford Online Highschool
Jeffrey Scarborough and Raymond Ravaglia

This volume shows how a group of online-learning believers bult the best high school in the world without laying a single brick: the Stanford Online High School (SOHS). By chronicling SOHS's distinctive approach to curriculum, gifted education, school community over SOHS's first seven years, Bricks and Mortar makes the case that the dynamic use of technology and the best traditional methodologies in education are not, in fact, mutually exclusive. Indeed, while SOHS has redefined what is possible online, a great education is ultimately the product of an interactive community of teachers and students.
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Descriptive Typology and Linguistic Theory Available Now!
Descriptive Typology and Linguistic Theory: A study in the morphosyntax of relative clauses Farrell Ackerman and Irina Nikolaeva

Descriptive grammarians and typologists often encounter unusual constructions or unfamiliar variants of otherwise familiar construction types. Many of these phenomena are puzzling from the perspective of linguistic theories: they neither predict nor, arguably, provide the tools to insightfully describe them. This book analyzes an unusual type of relative clause found in numerous related and unrelated languages of Eurasia. While providing a detailed case study of Tundra Nenets, it broadens this inquiry into a detailed typological exploration of this relative clause type. The authors argue that an understanding of this construction requires exploring the (type of) grammar system in which it occurs in order to identify the (set of) independent constructions that motivate its existence. The resulting insights into grammar organization illustrate the usefulness of a construction-theoretic syntax and morphology informed by a developmental systems perspective for the understanding of complex grammatical phenomena.
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The Core and the Periphery Available Now!
The Core and the Periphery: Data-Driven Perspectives on Syntax inspired by Ivan A. Sag edited by Philip Hofmeister and Elisabeth Norcliffe

The Core and the Periphery is a collection of papers inspired by the linguistics career of Ivan A. Sag (1949–2013), written to commemorate his many contributions to the field. Sag was professor of linguistics at Stanford University from 1979 to 2013; served as the director of the Symbolic Systems Program from 2005 to 2009; authored, co-authored, or edited fifteen volumes on linguistics; and was at the forefront of non-transformational approaches to syntax. Reflecting the breadth of s theoretical interests and approaches to linguistic problems, the papers collected here tackle a range of grammar-related issues using corpora, intuitions, and laboratory experiments. They are united by their use of and commitment to rich datasets and share the perspective that the best theories of grammar attempt to account for the full diversity and complexity of language data.
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New Studies in Weak Arithmetics Available Now!
New Studies in Weak Arithmetics Edited by Patrick Cégielski, Charalampos Cornaros, and Costas Dimitracopoulos

The field of weak arithmetics is application of logical methods to Number Theory, developed by mathematicians, philosophers, and theoretical computer scientists. In this volume, after a general presentation of weak arithmetics, the following topics are studied: the properties of integers of a real closed field equipped with exponentiation; conservation results for the induction schema restricted to first-order formulas with a finite number of alternations of quantifiers; a survey on a class of tools, called pebble games, used in finite model theory; the fact that reals e and π have approximations expressed by first-order formulas using bounded quantifiers; properties on infinite pictures depending on the universe of sets used; a language that simulates in a sufficiently nice manner all algorithms of a certain restricted class; the logical complexity of the axiom of infinity in some variants of set theory without the axiom of foundation; and the complexity to determine whether a trace is included in another one.
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de se Available Now!
Attitudes De Se: Linguistics, Epistemology, Metaphysics
edited by Neil Feit and Alessandro Capone

In English, we use the word “I” to express thoughts that we have about ourselves, and we use the reflexive pronouns “himself” and “herself” to attribute such thoughts to others. Philosophers and linguists call such thoughts, and the statements we use to express them, de se.

De se thoughts and statements, although they appear often in our day-to-day lives, pose a series of challenging problems for both linguists and philosophers. This interdisciplinary volume examines the structure of de se thought, various issues concerning the semantics and pragmatics of our discourse about it, and also what it reveals about how humans think about themselves and the world around them.
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From Quirky Case to Representing Space Online
From Quirky Case to Representing Space: Papers in Honor of Annie Zaenen edited by Tracy Holloway King and Valeria de Paiva

Annie Zaenen's broad influence on the field of linguistics ranges from details of lexical representation to the architecture of formal linguistic theories. The fifteen contributed papers in this volume reflect three major themes from her research: Mapping from arguments to syntax; Views on syntax; Semantics and beyond.

Sign-Based Construction Grammar Available Now!
Sign-Based Construction Grammar edited by Hans C. Boas and Ivan A. Sag

This volume provides a general overview of Sign-Based Construction Grammar (SBCG), the synthesis of Berkeley Construction Grammar and Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar that emerged from a decade of interactions between Ivan Sag, Charles Fillmore, Paul Kay and Laura Michaelis. The papers collected here also demonstrate the analytic value of SBCG for a variety of linguistic problems—some old chestnuts, others untouched by ‘mainstream’ theories.
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Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous Available Now!
Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous George Berkeley (Edited, with an Introduction by David Hilbert and John Perry)

Deeply original, inspiring to some, abhorrent to others, George Berkeley's philosophy of immaterialism is still influential three hundred years after the publication of his most widely read book, Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous. Berkeley published the Dialogues because of the unenthusiastic reception of his Principles of Human Knowledge in 1710. He hoped the use of the dialogue format would win a more favorable hearing, but unfortunately for Berkeley, the response was every bit as scathing as the reception of his previous work. In recent decades, In recent decades, Berkeley's work has been recognized as an excellent introduction to the English philosophy of the eighteenth century, and to philosophy in general. This edition of the dialogues is accessibly organized by David Hilbert and John Perry.
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Reference and Reflexivity, 2nd edition Available Now!
Reference and Reflexivity, 2nd edition John Perry

In this volume John Perry develops his “reflexive-referential” account of indexicals, demonstratives, proper names, and other fragments of language. On issues of meaning and reference, the philosophy of language in the twentieth century was shaped by two competing traditions, descriptivist and referentialist. The referentialist tradition holds that indexicals, demonstratives, and proper names contribute content that involves individuals without identifying conditions on them. In contrast, the descriptivist tradition holds that referential content does not explain all of the identifying conditions conveyed by names, demonstratives, and indexicals. Perry's theory, borrowing ideas from both traditions as well as from Burks and Reichenbach, diagnoses the problems as stemming from a fixation on a certain kind of content, coined “referential” or “fully incremental” content. He reveals a coherent and structured family of contents—from reflexive contents that place conditions on their actual utterance to fully incremental contents that place conditions only on the objects of reference—reconciling the legitimate insights of both the referentialist and descriptivist traditions.
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CSLI Standards

Language, Proof
and Logic (2nd edition) New Edition!
Language, Proof and Logic (second edition) Dave Barker-Plummer, Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy

This textbook/software package is a self-contained introduction to the basic concepts of logic: language, truth, argument, consequence, proof and counterexample. No prior study of logic is assumed, and, it is appropriate for introductory and second courses in logic. The unique on-line grading service almost instantly grades solutions to hundred of computer exercises. It is specially devised to be used by philosophy instructors in a way that is useful to undergraduates of philosophy, computer science, mathematics, and linguistics.
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Relevant Linguistics, 2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded Relevant Linguistics, 2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded: An Introduction to the Structure and Use of English for Teachers by Paul Justice.

The revised and expanded edition of Relevant Linguistics provides a straightforward, accessible introduction to the basics of English phonetics, phonology, morphology, morphophonology, and syntax for education students and all non-linguistics majors.
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Syntactic Theory, 2nd edition Syntactic Theory, 2nd edition: A Formal Introduction by Ivan A. Sag, Thomas Wasow, and Emily M. Bender.

The second edition of Syntactic Theory: A Formal Introduction expands and improves on a truly unique introductory syntax textbook. Like the first edition, it focuses on the development of precisely formulated grammars whose empirical predictions can be directly tested.
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