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Additions and changes since this site went live in June 2002

December 2019

Added a link on the addresses page to more pictures of her Trancas Lighthouse beach house from the Huntington Library website. Thanks Gail and Ray for the tip about Calisphere!

December 2018

Added a still to the Smouldering Fires page with a nice view of her fishscale dress, and a still from Wayward. Thanks Derek!

August 2018

Added a new picture to the Pictures Pagefrom Paul Cunningham. Thanks!

February 2018

Just added a note about the Doheney estate on the description of her Beverly Hills home.

December 2017

The American Silent Feature Film Database says Josselyn's Wife is at BFI incomplete. No details, but i duly added to the filmography and to the page for the film.

December 2016

EYE posted a newsreel including Polly and her Mom on their youTube channel. It looks to be the same photo session as in several other pictures. I posted a link on the home page. Also corrected her Park Avenue address.

December 2016

I deposited PDFs in the Internet Archive for 1925 Curran Theatre program and Curran Theatre flier to The Crimson Hour, added the links to the Pictures Page

December 2015

At this point there is no way i can keep up with broken links. If you are interested in following a link that's broken, copy it and paste it into the Wayback Machine and look at the page from a few years back. Updated the entry on the "Trancas Lighthouse" beach house on the addresses page and added a link to a page in Marc Wanamaker's book on Malibu.

July 2015

I uploaded a PDFs of several documents to the Internet Archive that i already had one my site as jpegs. Innocent program, Madame X flyer, Madame X program, Evidence herald, and the scrapbook and posted links to the Pictures.Page. Also put up 5 new stills from Let Not Man Put Asunder.

March 2015

Thomas Graham kindly informed me of four films that had scenes shot in St. Augustine, Florida, which i added to the filmography and the pages for the individual films. He also identified the locations of the two stills i have up on the Tosca page.

December 2014

Derek provided another lobby card for Madame X

December 2014

Another rediscovery! This time it is The Loves of Letty, recently rediscovered in Europe and now at the Academy archive. If anybody would like to sponsor a film restoration project, here's one for you! Derek Boothroyd game me a pressbooks for Madame X and Roads of Destiny, so the scans are up on those pages, and also i made PDF copies for the Internet Archive. Also had to take a couple links off the home page , as a couple of sites are now defunct, and updated the video page .

March 2014

An interesting EBay find--a 1925 Curran Theatre program. I bought this for local interest, since i've been to the Curran many times and Polly's last performance was there. What i didn't know until i got it was that the program was for The Lady! I didn't know that she had done this part on stage, and it seems to have been the same time that Norma Talmadges film came out. I added the pages relating to the play to the Pictures Page. For searching purposes, i also typed in the cast members names and those on the other programs i have up on that page, and realized the last cast member listed for the 1926 San Diego performances of Madame X was Clark Gable! Also added to the filmography a credit for a Liberty Loan film sourced from Michael Ankerick's book Mae Murray: the Girl with the Bee-Stung Lips.

February 2014

I acquired a lovely scrapbook a couple years back and finally got it scanned and mounted. I created a new page for it and added links from the photo gallery and home pages. It's more than a hundred pages, so lots of pics, many of which i'd never seen. I also added a mini playing card to the Pictures Page

November 2013

The Women Film Pioneers Project is finally online! I added a link to the site to the home page

November 2012

Added a still for Devil's Island, courtesy of Derek Boothroyd.

September 2012

Added a herald for the film Evidence

August 2012

Added a link to a Photoplay April 1918 issue with short story adaptation to the Tosca page and filmography. A shout-out to the Digital Media History Library for scanning and posting issues of Photoplay, Moving Picture World, and other important trade journals and fan magazines. I also added a link to it on the home page.

March 2012

Added a picture from the stage play The Guilty One to the Pictures Page, thanks Derek!

January 2011

More Pauline Frederick titles returned from the dead! The Library of Congress recently perserved Self Defense and The Nederlands Filmarchives reports having an unpreserved, incomplete copy of The Woman in the Case and well as a newsreel clip. I updated the pages for those films and the filmography. Keep those films coming!

November 2011

David Menefee sent me a couple of pictures: an ad for The Loves of Letty and a Paramount ad that i put on the Pictures Page

August 2011

Added an advertisement for Smouldering Fires from David Menefee. Also Steve Massa posted a list of " Liberty Loan Specials" on Nitrateville which included a Pauline Frederick title, Stake Uncle Sam To Play Your Hand, which i added to the filmography

July 2011

Thanks to Pete Jones for identifying the picture that Gail Orwig gave me a few years back as coming from One Week of Life. . I moved it off of the home page and picture gallery and onto the page for the film. Also added a link to a still for Bonds of love. Added the address on her death certificate to addresses page and belatedly added the address of a summer house owned by her mother Loretta, info that was sent to me by John and Ellen Turongian quite some time ago and that i had misplaced.

March 2011

Added a link to a program for Bella Donna that's posted on Bruce Calvert's great film still site. Derek Boothroyd sent a panel of stills for Smouldering Fires

April 2010

I got a nice picture from Daughter of the Old South on eBay. Derek Boothroyd sent a lobby card Double Crossed and stills from Wayward and The Woman in Room 13

April 2010

Added a "Big Gun" cigarette card to the Pictures Page courtesy of Derek Boothroyd. Diane LaTulippe sent me some information on Polly's beach house, which sent me googling for even more info, which i added to the addresses page.

February 2010

A couple tweaks to the Home page, including linking up the clipping that i had actually posted, Girls of Today Fortunate, Declares Star contributed by William Drew a while back. Also added a link to an interesting clipping posted on Taylorology. Got the photoplay novel of On Trial and posted the pictures that were in included. Derek Boothroyd contributed a herald for Three Women , two lobby cards from Madame X , a still from Married Flirts , a herald for Ramona ( front and inside ) and a Beagles postcard that i added to the Pictures Page

October 2009

Derek Boothroyd provided scans of a still from Evidence and reviews for My Marriage, Ramona, The Social Register and Thank You Mr. Moto , so linked them to the filmography

August 2009

Just realized that the UCLA Film and Television Archives catalog listed Vitaphone discs for Evidence, The Sacred Flame, and an incomplete set for On Trial, so noted that in the filmography and pages for each film.

May 2009

Derek Boothroyd provided lobby card from Mrs. Dane's Defense. I got a photoplay novelization of Let Not Man Put Asunder, which i put on the the page for the film. I linked the Internet Broadway Database page on Frederick to the Home page, and William Drew contributed an interesting column by Lillian Gish about Pauline Frederick, which i mounted here

February 2009

Derek Boothroyd provided lobby card sets for Paid in Full and for On Trial. William Drew sent an article on Pauline Frederick from the Oakland Tribune which i linked to the Home page, and also added a link to his new website. Thanks to Jane of the Historical Ziegfeld site for identifying several photos by Alfred Cheney Johnston in the Picture gallery and pictures for Smouldering Fires, The Slave Market, Roads of Destiny, The Paliser Case, , The Sacred Flame, and Three Women Thanks all!

December 2008

Stanford gave me more server space, so i'm adding stuff again. I added a favicon to all the pages. I got a file of clippings on eBay including the articles The Story of My Life, and several others that i added to a single page, a bunch of pictures and clippings i added to the Pictures Page (as well as one from Henrik Dahle and a 1930 census page from Frederica and a stationery box cover from Julie Fields), and clippings and photos on the films Devil's Island , The Peace of Roaring River, Ashes of Embers , A Woman in the Case , The Sacred Flame , The Lure of Jade , and The World's Great Snare , fictionalizations of The Fear Woman and Resurrection and reviews of Her Honor the Governor and The Slave Market. Derek Boothroyd sent me Variety reviews for This Modern Age, Wayward, and Phantom of Crestwood, and since i haven't made separate pages for those extant talkies, i lazily linked them to the Filmography . He also contributed nice lobby cards for Her Honor the Governor , Devil's Island , Salvage and a Wayward Herald front and Herald back. I discovered that one of the unknown stills on the pictures page is actually from La Tosca, so i moved it there. Oh, and a poster of Smouldering Fires from Donna Hill. Whew! Merry Christmas!

August 2007

Added a link to a newsreel clip of Polly to the home page. It's from an Australian newsreel when she was on tour with the stage version of Madame X.

July 2007

Added the Photoplay review of Sapho ; added a pictures to The Slave Market, On Trial, One Week of life and Paid in Full (thanks to Derek Boothroyd for the last two). Also added some pictures to the Pictures Page--a flyer for The Crimson Hour, a picture of Polly with Will Rogers, and a link to a picture of the Drecoll dress on the cover of Motion Picture magazine (because i couldn't figure out how to make a thumbnail out of a PDF). Thanks to Frederica for the scan. Doctor Macro has a new address, and just found that he has several Pauline Frederick scans, mostly in the annex. I added to the home page, since i don't have time right now to add the individual stills to to the pages for their associated films.

April 2007

John Moon and his wife found a nifty poster from Her Honor the Governor used as a spacer in a frame. It was cropped to fit, but since it hasn't seen light in all these years, the color is still vivid. Thanks for sharing! Bruce Calvert found a new site for his The Silent Film Still Archive, so i updated links from the filmography page and the pages for Audrey, Bella Donna, Sapho, Sleeping Fires, The Woman in the Case, The World's Great Snare, and Zaza. Also updated video links for Smouldering Fires, since Grapevine Video is back in business.

December 2006

Added comments about the Sunrise Silents review of Devil's Island.

November 2006

Added a link to The Valentino Forever Pauline Frederick House page on the addresses page. Also added links for the Sunrise Silents DVD-Rs to the pages for Smouldering Fires and Devil's Island.

October 2006

Added the front and back of the dustjacket to The Mistress of Shenstone. Thanks for the birthday present, Gail!

April 2006

Thanks to William Drew for sending me a 1923 Oakland Tribune article of Polly giving her views on opportunities for women. Also added links to photos in the Sayre Collection at the University of Washington to the Filmography to the pages for the individual films Woman in Room 13, Woman on the Index, and Let Not Man Put Asunder

December 2005

Added links to advertising lantern slides in the Cleveland Public Library collection to the Filmography to the pages for the individual films Her Honor the Governor, One Week of Life,The Paliser Case, The Peace of Roaring River, The Woman in Room 13, and Bonds of Love (thanks Derek!).

October 2005

Added pictures from the photoplay novel of The Mistress of Shenstone. Thanks to Primrose Lockwood for these photos. Added the picture of Frederick's house to the page of addresses. Fixed Gilda's Blue Book link on the Home page.

September 2005

Added the credits in the Filmography to the pages for the individual films and changed some linking details. Added another still for Smouldering Fires (thanks Derek!). Added a page of addresses as well, and accordingly changed some information in the biographical essay..

March 2005

On the home page, added a link for Polly's entry in The Stars of the Photoplay. Also added a link to lantern sides for The Bonds of Love and added the link to the Filmography.

February 2005

Fixed link on home page to The Silent Film Still Archive. Added two still photos for Evidence. with links from the filmography. Also added a link on the home page to Polly's page in The Blue Book of the Screen (1923) Thanks to David B. Pearson and Graceann Maciolek for adding this fun resource to

Also added picture to the Pictures Page a scan of Frederic on the cover of Theatre magazine in costume for the stage play Joseph and His Brothers. Thanks to Cleo in Luxembourg for this scan.

December 2004

The Social Register is now available on video. Added info to the video page and comments to the filmography.

July 2004

Added scans of sheet music for the song Towsee Mongolay from her play Innocent to the Picture Gallery. And thanks to Cleo in Luxembourg, a nice picture of Frederick with a bowler and riding crop, which i put on the same page.

June 2004

The Mistress of Shenstone has been found! An edited copy is located at the Filmoteca de Catalunya in Barcelona. I updated the individual page for the film and updated the Filmography. Thanks to Mariona Bruzzo, Head of film archive, for providing this information, and to Josep Calle for providing the great frame grab.

April 2004

Completely revamped the Pictures page.. Added lots of portraits, a couple programs, news articles, and some unknown stills. Also added individual stills for The Paliser Case (7 of them!), The Glory of Clementina, Madame X (5, and deleted Silent Lady's link to one of the same pictures), Smouldering Fires, Two Kinds of Women, Tosca, Ramona, and a program for Sold, and updated links on the Filmography.

March 2004

Corrected the links to the Silent Film Still Archives, where many stills of Famous Players pictures live. Also added link to a review of Devil's Island to the Filmography. Watch this space! Soon i'll be posting lots more Frederick pictures.

January 2004

Added a scan of a program for Frederick's stage production Innocent to the Pictures page. Also added a lovely picture of Frederick courtesy of David Menefee. Thanks!

Added a link to Mark Goffee's Pauline Frederic Postcard page . Also removed Grapevine Video links from the video page and removed the link to The Silents Majority from the home page.

July 2003

Added viewing comments for Three Woman

June 2003

Added a the 1918 article The Story of My Life. from Motion Picture Magazine Thanks to Bruce Calvert for this article (and for typing it, too!)

May 2003

Added a review for Evidence from Photoplay. Thanks to Andre Soares for this review!

January 2003

Added a link to the AFI Catalog

Added picture of Frederic in Sapho courtesy of David Menefee

December 2002

Added brief viewing comments to filmography on Wayward and My Marriage

October 2002

Added poster images to A Slave of Vanity, Out of the Shadow and Roads of Destiny (thanks to David Menefee)

August 2002

Added link to pics of her home on Silents are Golden

July 2002 addendum

Oops, found another stashed review, this time the Harrison's Reports pan of The Sting of the Lash.

July 2002

Added a page for assorted pictures after finding a stash from Randy Bigham that i had misplaced (thanks Randy!)

Added review forDouble Crossed and a notice about the Frederick/Mack marriage after filming Nannette of the Wild(thanks Randy!)

Added link on homepage to Gilda's Blue Book of the Screen

Added note on 8mm prints to Devil's Island, and on filmography entry for the film

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