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Mohammad Akbarpour

Associate Professor of Economics
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Associate Professor of Computer Science (by courtesy)
Stanford University
Address: 655 Knight way, E251, Stanford, CA

Faculty Assistant: Sharon Marucut (email:

Covid-19 Research

I am part of the Reopen Mapping Project, where we identify best targeted lockdown policies of different cities. See our NBER working paper.

About me

My research is on market design, redistributive mechanisms, and network theory.

Here is a summary of my research in a 2018 interview.

Here is my C.V.

What's new?


Published and Accepted Papers

  1. Redistribution through Markets, [PDF]
    with Piotr Dworczak and Scott Duke Kominers
    At EC’18
    Econometrica, Forthcoming

  2. Credible Auctions: A Trilemma, [PDF], [SSRN] [Slides] [VideoPresentation]
    with Shengwu Li
    Econometrica, March 2020
    Best Paper Award, EC’18.
    In Quartz's list of 12 economics research that shaped our world in 2018
    Non-technical Summary: Rigged Auctions?

  3. Thickness and Information in Dynamic Matching Markets, [PDF], [SSRN]
    with Shengwu Li and Shayan Oveis Gharan
    Journal of Political Economy, Lead Article, March 2020 (Also at EC’14)
    A quick way to learn this paper is to watch the short videos:
    Model (8mins)
    Matching and Objective (6mins)
    Designing algorithms (7mins)
    Main theorems (5mins)
    Proof ideas I (12mins)
    Proof ideas II (6mins)
    Value of information (9mins)

  4. Approximate Random Allocation Mechanisms, [PDF], [Final RESTUD Version]
    with Afshin Nikzad
    Review of Economic Studies, January 2020

  5. Diffusion in Networks and the Virtue of Burstiness
    with Matthew Jackson
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, July 2018 (Also at EC’17)
    [Link] [PDF] [Video of Talk]

Working Papers

  1. Just a Few Seeds More: Value of Network Information for Diffusion, [PDF], [SSRN] [Video of Talk]
    with Suraj Malladi and Amin Saberi.
    Revise & Resubmit, American Economic Review
    At EC’18

  2. Unpaired Kidney Exchange: Overcoming Double Coincidence of Wants without Money, [PDF] NBER Working Paper
    with Julien Combe, Yinghua He, Victor Hiller, Rob Shimer, and Olivier Tercieux.
    Revise & Resubmit, Review of Economic Studies
    At EC’20

  3. The Value of Excess Supply in Spatial Matching Markets, [PDF] [Arxiv]
    with Yeganeh Alimohammadi, Shengwu Li, and Amin Saberi.

  4. Investment Incentives in Near-Optimal Mechanisms, [PDF]
    with Scott Kominers, Shengwu Li and Paul Milgrom.

  5. Centralized School Choice with Unequal Outside Options, [PDF]
    with Adam Kapor, Christopher Neilson,Winnie van Dijk, and Seth Zimmerman

  6. Socioeconomic Network Heterogeneity and Pandemic Policy Response, [PDF] NBER Working Paper
    with Cody Cook, Aude Marzuoli, Simon Mongey, Abhishek Nagaraj, Matteo Saccarola, Pietro Tebaldi, Shoshana Vasserman, and Hanbin Yang
    See the project website

  7. Redistributive Allocation Mechanisms, [PDF]
    with Piotr Dworczak and Scott Duke Kominers

  8. The Iranian Market for Kidneys, [PDF]
    with Farshad Fatemi and Negar Matoorian.

  9. Global Kidney Chains, [PDF]
    with Afshin Nikzad, Michael Rees, and Alvin Roth.

  10. Information Aggregation in Overlapping Generations, [SSRN]
    with Amin Saberi and Ali Shameli.
    A preliminary version of this paper won the Best Paper Award of WINE 2017

  11. Financing Transplant Costs of the Poor: A Dynamic Model of Global Kidney Exchange, [PDF]
    with Afshin Nikzad, Michael Rees, and Alvin Roth.

  12. A Universal Dictatorship Lemma, [SSRN]
    with Sam Nariman.

  13. High Probability Guarantees in Repeated Games: Theory and Applications in Information Theory, [arXiv]
    with Payam Delgosha and Amin Gohari.
    Published in Proceedings of the IEEE 105.2 (2017): 189-204.