Welcome to CS143! Assignments and handouts will be available here. Discussion will happen through Ed Discussion on Canvas. Written assignments will be handed in through Gradescope.

Lectures are held Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:30-11:50 in Skilling Auditorium.

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  1. Course Overview
  2. Cool: The Course Project
  3. Lexical Analysis
  4. Implementation of Lexical Analysis
  5. Introduction to Parsing
  6. Syntax-Directed Translation
  7. Top-Down Parsing
  8. Bottom-Up Parsing
  9. Semantic Analysis & Type Checking I
  10. Type Checking II
  11. Run-time Environments
  12. Code Generation
  13. Operational Semantics
  14. Intermediate Code & Local Optimization
  15. Global Optimization
  16. Register Allocation
  17. Automatic Memory Management