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Make a Payment

The Inter-University Center (IUC) accepts credit cards for both application and tuition payments.

Payments by Credit Card
There are no additional handling fees or added charges for making a credit card payment.

Payments by Check
We are currently unable to accept personal checks due to reduced mail delivery and building access. Please contact the IUC Stanford Administrative Office at if you wish to pay by bank transfer.

For payments made by or from your university (e.g. FLAS, departmental scholarship, etc.), and/or you have any questions about the payment methods, please contact the IUC Stanford Administrative Office at

Medications in Japan

Importing or Bringing Medication into Japan for Personal Use

From the Embassy of the United States Tokyo, Japan
“Decisions on what medications or medical devices may be imported legally into Japan are made by the Japanese Government, and unfortunately the limited information available at the American Embassy and our Consulates does not include comprehensive lists of specific medications or ingredients. This information is available only from the Japanese authorities, subject to change.”

Please read the website below provided by the Japanese government:

The website below provides a discussion by the US Embassy that includes links to other important Japanese government websites.

Before mailing or bringing any medication to Japan, read the above referenced web sites and important links carefully. If you fail to follow Japanese law you may be arrested and detained.

For further details, contact either the Japanese Embassy or Consulate directly.

Sample Student Budgets

Sample 10-Month Program Student Budget (PDF)

Sample Summer Program Student Budget (PDF)

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