Welcome to your first week in CS 106X! This assignment contains the tasks you should complete during your first week, such as setting up Qt Creator, reading the course policies and becoming familiar with the Qt Creator debugger.

  1. Get Up To Speed with CS 106X Course Policies
    First, read handouts 1-3 (linked in the navigation bar at the top) to make sure you are aware of important CS 106X policies, particularly with regards to the honor code. If you are unsure whether CS 106X is the right fit for you, feel free to also read Handout 4, which provides an overview of the different course options available.
  2. Join the CS 106X Piazza Discussion Forum
    Piazza is an online forum where students can post and answer questions. We encourage you to join and check it frequently - you can do so here.
  3. Make an account at CodeStepByStep.com
    CodeStepByStep is a companion practice website to CS 106X this quarter. Many lecture examples will be on CodeStepByStep for you to get additional practice, and we will also link to CodeStepByStep practice problems for each lecture (see the course calendar) as a way to get additional practice. We highly recommend you go to http://www.codestepbystep.com to make an account.
  4. Download and Install Qt Creator
    Next, download and install Qt Creator, the development environment that we'll be using in CS106X this quarter. Follow the instructions at the above link. If you run into trouble installing Qt Creator, don't panic! We'll be holding a Qt Creator troubleshooting session on Wednesday, Sep. 26 7-9PM in the LaIR (Tresidder 1st floor eating area) specifically to help with Qt Creator issues.

    NOTE: other classes, such as CS 103 and CS 106B, use a different set of instructions to install Qt Creator. Our version is compatible with theirs, but not the other way around. For example, if you're taking CS 103 and CS 106X, make sure to use the CS 106X installation instructions.
  5. Download the Name Hasher Program
    NameHash Project ZIP

    (open NameHash.pro)
  6. Hash Your Name!
    Compile and run the program you've just downloaded. It will ask you to enter your (preferred) first and last names. When you do, it will give back a hash code, a special number associated with your name (we will discuss hash codes in CS106X!). You can think of your hash code as a “fingerprint” associated with your name that's unlikely to be the same as anyone else's fingerprint. Write this number down; you'll need it to complete the assignment!
  7. Use the Debugger!
    Download the following PDF: Debugger Tutorial

    This tutorial will walk you through how to use the debugger to run program you just downloaded one step at a time. Follow the instructions in that guide. At some point, you'll be asked to write down a number. Write this number down; you'll need it to complete the assignment!

  8. Submit Everything! Once you've finished everything, fill out the form at the following URL:

    Google Form

    This form will ask for the numbers from the earlier steps, along with some questions about the Honor Code, who you are and why you're so great. And that's it! You're done!

  9. (Not due Fri. 11AM) Sign Up For Section
    Between 5PM Thurs. 9/27 and 5PM Sun. 9/30 you should sign up for section using the link in the Sections dropdown at the top of the page. Section signup is NOT first-come-first-serve. We will review everyone's preferences and place people in sections early next week. Sections start week 2!