CS106B Programming Abstractions

Summer 2021, Lectures: MTWTh 2:00pm-3:00pm (Pacific Daylight Time, GMT-7)

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Mid-Quarter Diagnostic Graded
1 week ago by Trip

The Mid-Quarter Diagnostic has been graded! Overall, we're really happy with how you all are doing in the class. Recall that CS106B is a challenging offering, even at the college level (it's essentially an semester course packed into 8 weeks!).

Here are the solutions to the diagnostic.

You can find your graded work on GradeScope. Please note that you may submit a regrade request if you think that we have mis-applied criteria to your submission by Monday 7/26 at 11:59pm PT. Before you do so, please make sure that you have looked at the solutions so that you understand where we were trying to deduct. Keep up the great work, everyone!

Assignment 4 Released
1 week and 2 days ago by Trip

Assignment 4 has now been released! In this assignment, you will get the opportunity to design and implement your very own data structure class, while getting lots of great practice with dynamic memory allocation, arrays, and heaps along the way. The assignment also includes some small application components to show you the power of the data structure that you have implemented yourself, complete with some awesome interactive demos! We hope that you all find the assignment to be interesting and enriching.

As for logistics, the assignment will be due on Tuesday, July 27 at 11:59pm PDT__. As a final note, Jin-Hee, Lauren, and Grant will be holding the A4 YEAH session on Wednesday, 7/21 at 11:30am PDT. Zoom information for the session can be found on the Ed forum. The session will also be recorded and posted on Ed.

Mid-Quarter Diagnostic info released
2 weeks and 5 days ago by Trip

Information about the Mid-Quarter Diangostic has been released! You can find the relevant info, as well as extra practice materials, on the diagnostic page. The diagnostic will be administered via Gradescope. You will need to make a Gradescope account using your Stanford provided email. If you do so, you'll see that you've already been added to a class called CS106B8. Please let Trip know if you have any difficulties accessing Gradescope ASAP.

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    Teaching team

  • Lecturer: Susan Epstein
  • Head TA: Trip Master

Next two weeks

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Section/Assign

Jul 26

πŸ““Introduction to Linked Lists

Reading: 12.2. 13.5

Jul 27

πŸ““Linked List Operations

Reading: 14.2 - 14.4

A4 Due

Jul 28

πŸ““Linked List Wrapup and Intro to Sorting

Reading: 14.2 - 14.4, 10.1, 10.2
A5 Released

Jul 29

πŸ““Advanced Sorting (Divide-and-Conquer)

Reading: 10.3, 10.4, 10.5

Aug 2


Reading: 16.1

Aug 3


Reading: 16.2-16.4

A5 Due

Aug 4


Reading: Supplemental Info in Assignment Handout
A6 Released

Aug 5


Reading: 15.3



See schedule for entire quarter.