Economics 288: Computational Economics Course Information 

Syllabus (wordperfect) (ps) (pdf)

Problem set 1 (dvi) (ps) (pdf)

Problem set 3 (dvi) (ps) (pdf)

Problem set 4 (dvi) (ps) (pdf)

Problem set 5 (dvi) (ps) (pdf)

Chapter 6 notes (ps) (pdf)

Chapter 7 notes (ps) (pdf)

Chapter 8 notes (ps) (pdf)

Chapter 9 notes (ps) (pdf)

Chapter 10 notes (ps) (pdf)

Chapter 11 notes (ps) (pdf)

Chapter 12 notes (ps) (pdf)

Chapter 13 notes (ps) (pdf)

Bifurcation and asset markets lecture notes (ps) (pdf)

"Bifurcation Methods for Asset Market Equilibrium Analysis" (postscript) (pdf)

"Asymptotic Methods for Asset Market Equilibrium Analysis" (postscript) (pdf)

Chapter 15 notes (ps) (pdf)

"Parametric Path Method for Solving Perfect Foresight Models" (pdf)

Chapter 16 notes (ps) (pdf)

Chapter 17 notes (ps) (pdf)

"Solving Large-Scale Rational-Expectations Models," (with Jess Gaspar), Macroeconomic Dynamics, 1 (1997), pp. 45-75. (working paper version - (postscript) (pdf) (dvi))

"Asset Market Equilibrium with General Tastes, Returns, and Informational Asymmetries", with Antonio Bernardo, Journal of Financial Markets, 1 (2000), pp. 17-43 (You may be able to download it from here)

Chapter 1 notes (ps) (pdf)

"Computational Economics and Economic Theory: Complements or Substitutes?" in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (1997). (working paper version - (postscript) (pdf) (dvi))

The following is a survey of computational methods as of 1994.

"Approximation, Perturbation, and Projection Solution Methods in Economics," in Handbook of Computational Economics, North Holland (1996). (working paper version - (postscript) (pdf) (dvi)